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Word of the Lord for Sivan, Pentecost, & June 2017

By: Phyllis Ford

June 1, 2017

We are entering the Hebrew month of Sivan along with Pentecost. As we go deeper into this time we will find life changing events knocking at our door. Each month unfolds new mysteries in His word. The prophetic guidepost appears as we journey from one place spiritually to another place seasonally. We are walking through a panacea of truth that will direct us to the next phase of what we have been assigned, as well as how we are to accomplish it. The key is to align ourselves with the understanding of this truth so that transformation may take place. We must be aware that by not making the adjustments is an indication that we are allowing issues within and circumstances without to keep us hindered. There is a prevailing theme that is flowing throughout the 3rd month, Sivan (we entered into it on May 26, 2017 until June 24, 2017). The most powerful thing about this month within the journey of Sivan the solution for God’s people is discovered during the feast of Pentecost. Spiritually speaking this month represents the giving of the Torah to Israel. It also marks the Feast of (Shavuot) Pentecost which represents the giving of the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  

It will greatly benefit us to study this particular month and apply it to today’s time. The 2nd day of Sivan was called the “Day of distinction” which represents bringing forth a people who has chosen the path of Holiness. This is something that we can truly learn from in a hour where there so many opinions being mistaken for interpretation. Our approach to how we serve the Lord should not be vague, when we serve the Lord who changes not. God commands Moses to establish a boundary around the mountain and to prepare the people to sanctify themselves for three days.  ("The Three Days of Separation" - Read Exodus 19.) They were being positioned to receive great revelation that had not yet been revealed to them, which were the commandments of the Lord. We are now about to receive mysteries of truth on a higher level than ever before. There is an importance not to miss this season of visitation from the Lord because major breakthrough is being released upon the people of God. In God’s word “Separation-Consecration begets revelation.” Our walking out the instructions of the Lord will set us on a fast track of re-alignment for us to enter into the fullness of the Glory that is so close upon us.

Gathering of the Scribes

Prophetically the King’s Scribes are being summoned to gather and to articulate the word of the Lord not to allow intimidation, attack nor previously written orders to destroy the people of God. They were sent out to decree that which was reversed by the ordinance of King’s signet ring. {Esther 8} We will see in this hour unfolding revelation of How to walk and possess liberty on so many levels until it will seem as if a people will arise out of slumber and begin to walk in what was theirs all along.

The Release of Fire at Pentecost

There will be a great transitioning from the Body of Christ to the Bride of Christ in this hour of Pentecost. That which was washed away by cleansing waters will now see the fire of God removing old grave clothes, old wineskins, old dross, old mindsets that have been purged by fire baptism. It is one thing to wash out spots and blemishes but it is another to burn out that which is not a part of the growth process. When we look at the wheat and tares (especially during the grain harvest season) when the chaff is removed it is burned and reduced to ashes. We will see a fire baptism now that will be 7 times greater than what we have seen previously. Hearts and minds will become transformed under the fire of the Holy Ghost. The breath of the Messiah will keep the flames burning and the times will bear record of an awakening that many have cried out and prayed for in this hour. In the midst of this, we will see major changes and reversals. Events in the media will record drastic changes over night and without notice. This is an indication of a time to get one’s life and house in order. The Lord who is a Consuming Fire will be right in the midst of what will be occurring now.

We will also see in this season of Pentecost a new birthing and release of forerunners like John the Baptist who will run congruent with the remnant that will move forward in this hour you will know them as they echo the call to the people of God to repent and yield forth fruits of righteousness.


All of these things will be a precursor to the approaching signs in the heavens in the coming months. We will witness a Solar Eclipse being cited in Oregon with North Carolina being the mid-point this has not occurred in the last 38 years. With the Hebrew year 5778 coming directly behind this time, and  (Revelation Chapter 12) September 23rd, 2017. We will see markers in these coming months of August and September but the time to prepare is now. In June and July there will be shakings, quakings, and awakenings. 

Final Note to Intercessors (Those who will take up the charge of Repentance in this nation):

The Lord revealed to me that in times of deep prayer and consecration He will set ways and parameters. He will prepare for us a corridor of great sight and vision within a realm resembling the Seer’s anointing. It will carry an understanding that will track and reveal to us the way to go, from one place to another. It was like a GPS system app that show us how to maneuver/navigate and just like our current system will let us know where heavy traffic and accidents might be occurring. This is one of the ways He will guide us in this hour, and show us how to go around troubled areas to find rest and safety. We will be shielded and even be covered to the point of not being visible in order to accomplish various assignments in the times to come. This might sound inconceivable but if we would only study within the pages of God’s word, we would know and understand what is being said. Have you ever been in a place of overwhelming peace while in the midst of a raging storm? Pray into times like these. Know that no matter what when we have Christ right in the center of our crisis, we are protected.    

We are in the time of release especially concerning words that have not been fulfilled. Sometimes we are looking for a word when we have already received the real utterance for our lives. When we do this we can devalue the emphasis on the manifestation of that which is coming our way. So let patience be a virtue. Wait for this moment and don’t look back over your shoulder you will find it is not too late to receive and walk in that which is yours. Keep your expectancy level high! Wait on the Lord!

Hebrews 10:35-36 “So do not throw away your confidence; it holds a great reward. You need to persevere, so that after you have done God’s will, you will receive what He has promised”

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