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Words from the Lord for Now to 2018 & Beyond

By: Phyllis Ford

November 1, 2017

End Time Word for now, 2018 & Beyond


“It is time to step into my glory and my light. A place where fear cannot overtake you. A place where you are protected by the understanding that I am your maker and your dwelling place. You must know that I am with you, for you, and in you. Know that you can overcome all that is before you. Stay before me where my spirit can direct you and provide you with the revelation of what you must know along with what you have been positioned to do. Don’t allow your circumstance to dictate to you, but declare, decree, rule, and reign before all that is occurring around you. You will not only maneuver into safety, but you will know how to exercise faith in the midst of obstacles and situations. Walk as Son’s as I declare to you what to do and what direction in life you should take as you walk on the path of your destiny. Stay in the light of my presence, light of my glory, and the light of my word. For you may be able to see what is before you and what is about to occur before it takes place.”

“There have been high level meetings in the US behind closed doors. As a result, things have been set in motion. As things unfolds everything will seemingly go in one direction and course but by the time it is concluded, the victory will be recovered and those who were appearing to have the advantage will be the ones that will be put in check. For I am moving in this time to release my righteous judgments in the land and deal with those who have been smug and arrogant with their own power. And their influence will be humbled by my mighty hand. The hands of the unrighteous and their works have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. I have a redemptive purpose and the restoration of my people will carry a major part of my plan.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 “ Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which I have prepared for them whom I love.”

“I will bring down the high tree and exalt the low tree and I will uncover all things. That which was set up by the enemy, will be reversed says the Lord. So when you witness what is about to occur do not be dismayed nor intimidated, because there will be change and a turning. A turning, an awakening, and a ruling in the midst of the ruling and I will have my way. I will determine the fate of those who have been in power. I will have my way and my word will be the last word, says the Lord. I will remove these evil foundations, and I will destroy that which does not represent my plan. I will set forth a new strength and a new glory, which will deal with the works of darkness and it will set in order the new course by which you should go.”

“You are about to witness some things that will startle you, but realize that righteous judgments have been set into place long ago. These things must take their course for real change to come forth in this nation. Know that there are plans of wars, plans of upheaval, and plans of betrayal but there are also plans of standing for that which is Holy, and that which is right. There are plans that I have set in place, to help you overcome all that is coming upon the land. So stand in faith and the understanding that I shall reveal to you which will bring forth the light of My glory that will shine upon your heart. I will set in place for your life a new restoration that will help you grow and move with endurance and unwavering strength.” Isaiah 40: 31 “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”.

“Take that which I have given you and prepare. You must fulfill the work and the plans for preparation and preservation. It is important that you implement and prepare with that which I place into your hands so that you may walk out My wisdom for your protection and for your defense. I will be by your side – showing you and helping you set things in place, speaking words of direction and comfort. So don’t worry because you are more prepared than you know and you know more than you realize. This is a time of watching and implementation. When Nehemiah rebuilt the wall, there was a watching and praying, a building and watching, hands to build and hands to war with a blasting of the trump the wall was built. (Nehemiah 4:9,17-18, 21) These things are essential now. This watch will prepare you down the way. It is a prophetic watch that will help you see your way into the next 6 months and so that you will be prepared. So wait before Me and allow Me to strengthen you for the journey ahead and enlighten you concerning the serious things that are to come.”

Prophetic Insights:

This is a month that will carry a great uncovering of the plans of men behind closed doors. Before this month is over we will know about several conspiracies that many imagined, theorized and even felt prophetically. We will see the uncovering of agreements that were conspired, strategized and put together and then played out and hidden in plain sight before the people. The world economy being the major focus and people trusting their governments and business community have unfortunately, become collateral damage.

The Lord began to confirm that the “economic house of cards” is about to come crashing down because the trouble that has been hiding in plain sight can no longer remain hidden. The reality is that things are much worse than earlier perceived because of the evil works that have been planned by the hands of a few. However, the Lord said there is about to be a major reality check as the enemy continues to move towards more cover-ups, including a premature war (using more tactics that have been previously agreed upon). Nonetheless the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avails much and God’s power will move forth in the hearts of a “people prepared” as they will continue to advance and overcome.

About two months ago I had a dream. This was the utterance I received from the Lord in response to that dream:

“There has been a great covering up of corruption. Some will be at the government level; others at the level of those who tell the government what to do. There are those who are being singled out for what many have already determined behind closed doors. Many hands were involved, but some will be designated to take the fall. These were all connected to the cover-ups and they were corrupted to the core. The hands that were a part of it did it because they were determined to benefit from it. But great will be their fall and many will come to understand that My justice will established in the midst of their so-called justice and the actions of these men will be uncovered and diminished.”

Proverbs 6:18 KJV (“These things I hate....”) A heart that devised wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief.  “For the feet that run swift towards evil will not only have to pay the price of their own undoing but unfortunately many will suffer temporarily, by the hands of the few. Yet I have a recourse, one of stability and truth that will come forth out of the ashes of the destruction of these systems. They will know the strength of My hand and I will overturn, overturn, overturn, says the Lord. And the shakeup of leadership and heads of government have already begun and will continue and there will also be shakings in the land.”

Word of the Lord from now until the year Ends

This will be a month where many will look back and remember it as a time of precise preparation in order to move forward. Although we will see extremes on several levels with great triumphs while enduring testing tribulations, know that there is a succession of things that will run it’s course in our lives. There will be “Now or Never” occurrences that will be seen as the cause of spiritual growth spurts, maturing us in a sea of transition. We will even find ourselves stepping out literally in ways that we never thought we would. Developing new areas of trust in God first, and others as it extends to divine connections. Now is the time to let go of emotional dead weight that has kept us stuck in the same place. We will be challenged to open up areas of our lives in order to improve and begin new ventures. The new stretch will seem to cause us to become more diligent and more disciplined than ever. We are literally coming out of a birthing process where we are being prepared to face challenges and step up in areas that we will find ourselves leading by example. Doing first what needs to be done in us and then watching how it will affect and blesses others.

There is a realm of worship that aligns with an emptying/refilling experience and it will take place now. This will bring forth a pivotal time release wave of Glory. In it will be a healing and emptying of old patterns of thinking that will be affected and transformed as many will be filled with the knowledge of God’s will for their lives. It will be as if they will awake out of a cocoon of waiting and enter into “the time has come.” Emptying of fears, pain associated with old hurts, abuses, and the weight of sin that was tucked away within us, causing some of us to fall into the grips of deception. These things must be removed!  May an atmosphere of liberty filled with purpose be a light upon their hearts. A renewed determination will come out of casting our cares over to the one who will strengthen us, guide us and keep us as we focus on Him. Then I heard Him say: “I will meet multitudes in the midst of the worship. There will be a renewing in the presence of the Lord that will heal many from emotional wounds. Those who hunger and thirst will be filled and made whole. I believe we are about to embark upon a journey of worship that we have not yet tasted or seen. (Psalm 34:8)

The Lord said to me in Prayer: “There is not a question when will the enemy strike, but the more important question was: Will they be ready?”. It is time to prevail in prayer and clothe ourselves in dedication to things He (the Messiah) is directing to us. (Especially as leaders.) (For we will be held accountable for how we prepare the people in this hour.) Will we set our priorities in place in order to be effective leadership at this time?

We as leaders will be poured out so that the fullness of purpose will come forth. In this what we have been warned about, that which has not changed will be exposed. We must be responsible for our actions. He will bring down the high tree and exalt the low tree. The spirit of Pride & Celebrity will be addressed from now through March 2018 in a big way. Those will walk in humility and compassion will touch many and it will give way to a beautiful time of openness and walking in transparency as a people of truth and righteousness. We will all walk in the understanding that “in Christ we are able” we will see the idols of deception become dismantled, uncovered, and removed. Even The groves that have been watered in self-righteousness will come down. Do not allow the fear of the enemy to rule your lives but allow the standard of the Fear of the Lord to reign in our lives. If we are open and ready to be transformed watch what will happen and how the Lord God Almighty will roar across this land. Those with hungry hearts will be helped by those who are called the chosen to help advance them spiritually and emotionally. (Being filled with the fresh oil and new wine of His covenant.) This is the time of the rearing up of the tabernacle. It is a key in the preparation for this hour. (Isaiah 22:22)  

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