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It's Time to Open Your Spiritual Eyes

By: Rachel Elisabeth

July 26th, 2013

The Lord spoke to me a few months ago concerning the last 4 months of this year and January 2014. This is an exert from what He spoke to me: He said that during this time "...the world will begin to unravel before our very eyes. Every problem the world is secretly facing will surface and peak during this time. Tensions will rise and bubble over. Turmoil and destruction will flow from my cup of furry against the nations of this world."

I have been studying God's word and the economic and political world crisis that awaits us for years. I have been reading articles by some of the brightest and smartest minds in the world. I don't know everything there is to know. For there is always more to be revealed. One thing I can assure you of is that God's word and our political & economic future are in alignment. You would be shocked at the level information being released to us if we know where to look. Some of the world's top economist after speaking the truth of what's to come have taken their families and went into hiding. Hundreds of heads of banks all over world resigned last year. Many banking CEOs switched to working from home. You may think what does this have to do with me, but this has much more to do with you than you know. What did they find out that we don't already know? What were they so afraid of? Why is the media being so selective in the information it shares with us (while the movie industry mentally prepares us for new realities)?

Everyday decisions are being made without our knowledge or permission. Decisions about our travel access, economy and political future. For example: New chips have been approved to be put in all passports by one of the UN appointed committees. This policy is already active. From now on all newly issued passports will have chips in them to that make tracking easier. Each carrying a distinct symbol to let them know this passport carries a tracking chip. They have already approved a plan to have all citizens of the countries of the UN to turn in all old passports by a certain date and get a new one carrying the chip. After the grace period allowed it will be mandatory everyone switches over to the new passport in order to travel.

Let's open our eyes on this one. The world will be touched by what awaits us and we can't continue to ignore the truth. Some of you are somewhat aware and are already angry. It's easy to be upset when you see what's really going on, but I urge you to be at peace so that you do not miss the solution while panicking over the problem.

The group that truly founded this nation is now trying to divide it. The few who made the financial system we all live by are now trying to destroy. They see now that only by bringing all of our nations (around the world) into a place of great devastation civilly, economically, and physically they can get an opportunity to create a stronger system/kingdom. A system that will give birth to the world's so called war remedy...the anti-Christ. But it will not happen overnight even though their plans are coming to life before us now. This will be a system/kingdom based on a false foundation of unity and peace. It will be a system that deceives many to give over their control while others who know better are forced to. Those times will be times where we must know the bible by heart and move in wisdom and obedience to God's will.

See when many world crisis unfold (sooner than most realize) those in control will call for the creation of a unified world with a new unified economical system. (Be AWARE! There are nations that have already started to request things publicly before the world court that show their support of a unified economic system. Both Russia and China have called for the creation of a global currency.) See they destroyed this system on purpose so they can establish a stronger one with fewer freedoms. By simply saying the old system failed because there were too many freedoms they can have the level of control they want in the new one. They will deceive by simply telling us that all mankind must unite and stick together to survive this worlds current crisis. Many in their desperation will just eat it up. Most will find themselves forced to comply while others with no resources have to comply to live.

A lot of people are mad at certain leaders all around the world. Most of them if not all of them were preselected by people who carry so much power you wouldn't know them because they don't want you to know them. The last few weeks were a major phase of their plan. A divided nation is the perfect foundation for them to make this thing work. We are actually late. Nations all over the world have been divided by the powers that be way before us. There are a series of events that will take place. Posting about leaders that are merely puppets or scapegoats won't change anything. Actually we should have prayed for them, but we were too blinded by emotions to see that real ones we needed to be worried about were the ones we've never even seen before. Now here we are. Playing into their hands. Giving them the perfect scenario to provoke us to further anger. So that we will be too blind to prepare for what's next. DO NOT be fooled. Cling to balance, peace, & wisdom. Keep your eyes on God!

For the plan that they thought would cost them few will cost them many. They will call forth the wrath of God and they will see His judgement. There will be much loss. Know that there are many high ups that have no idea this is coming. Some of the economic and banking big boys have just figured it out this past year. See the plan only works if few know so that few can control the situation. A lot of the politic division we see is all apart of seeds sown to ensure the division of our nation. The crazy thing is we brought much of this on ourselves as a nation. We worshiped money and clung to sin. We were arrogant and foolish. We were selfish and considered not the consequences. So it should be no surprise that God Himself wants them to destroy the system we so worshiped.

Even if what follows will be a kingdom unlike any we have ever seen. (It will set the stage to fulfill this scripture: "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise : and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.". Daniel 7:24) Ten major kingdoms/countries will gather and form one kingdom unlike any kingdom before it. Only from that one kingdom that "devours" (gains control of the world) can the anti-christ come forth. (Don't be foolish it is no one in visible authority NOW. He's unlike anything you may have imagined and he is a peacemaker. A man carrying so many good attributes that only those that can discern the intentions of his kind words will know who he truly is. Many will thank God for sending this man to bring peace and healing to the world without realizing THIS IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. This why you must stay sharp! Study and pray!

What will be will be, but what does GOD want you to do? If you really wanna help serve your purpose. See to it that your destiny (ONE DAY) is fulfilled, No Matter What. We all have a part to play. So play yours! Though they will finish what they started and the world as we know it will change greatly know God will have accomplished many things of His own. Don't fight the process. These things must happen. We are in a time where we can feel a shift but they will soon reassure us with a false sense of peace and safety. When they say that everything has never been better prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. When that happens...Be Ready! For all the division and anger they created in this hour will boil over and create a dangerous chain reaction. And when it seems to we are on top again we will find ourselves in free fall as things collapse around us. There will be no escaping it. As this thing grows there will be no place in the world that will not be touched. Though some places will be effected less than others. This is why you must be ready to hear the voice of God unlike ever before. For He will be speaking and guiding His people during this time. ("For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." 1 Thessalonians 5:3) And when this finally comes to pass the survivors of this mess will have a chance to do great things in the name of our God. There is much to do even now. If we can disconnect from the foolishness that distracts us. We can connect to God and find out what He wants us to do.

BE ENCOURAGED! For when the problem presented itself so did the wisdom and provision needed to get through it.


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