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Word of the Lord from Passover to Pentecost

By: Phyllis Ford

April 27, 2017

Our journey through 5777 has become a continuous transition. As we enter the month ZIV the Hebrew name for the second month coming out of Passover and leading into Pentecost there are many things to consider. Specifically, the Lord began to show me the following things:


Ziv - April 27th until May 25th:

During the Hebrew month of Ziv (which is the biblical name also referred to in the Babylonian calendar as Iyyar) our focus will be on the transition into  our transformation. This deals with the process on the way to being transformed. The meaning of Ziv carries several key words: light, glow, radiance, and falling in the time of a growing season in early spring. It is a time of budding, laying foundations, maturing, and other stages of growth. This says to us the transformation is not yet completed but the process is ongoing. I believe what happened in Passover was a powerful mountain top experience. We must stay focused so that distractors will not defer us, choke out, delay, or hinder what is being placed before us.

So we must weed out enemies of bitterness, hopelessness, lethargy, and despair that causes us to become stuck. With emotions running high we must not allow fleshy inferences to keep us off course. We must put on the Lord Jesus Christ so that we won’t make provision for the flesh. As we walk in daily repentance with our eyes towards the purity and virtue of His life blowing upon us as a continuous wind as we are drastically shifted and we shift our surroundings. We draw strength from the truth of God’s word knowing that our Abba Father gives us the ability to be.

The Table of the Lord and His Wisdom:

Now there is a wisdom being released in this hour and we are being called to the Kings table to receive it. It is not just an understanding of a matter, but it is an entry way into an unveiling of things that will also reveal mysteries. The symbolism of the TABLE unfolds so many things in this time. It represents the Lord’s table which we come and partake in communion with Him discerning the Lord’s body and those who are apart of the same purposes. It also reveals or uncovers the things that are not a part of the work of Christ. We can decipher one from another and properly navigate and sort through what is being presented. (more below)

The Table is….

  • …a place of learning and instructions. Where the bread of the Lord is given to us and we come into a better understanding of who He is. We also draw new strength and sustenance/nourishment.

  • …a place of King’s where we search and seek Him out even more. There is call coming from the Father for us to come and sit at His table so that we may fellowship and better understand His purposes in this hour.

  • …a preparation of those things that are to come. This drawing us nigh is a prerequisite for the Fiery Pentecost to come. The Lord is saying to us come now, allow this transformation to take place. Come, see, and hear the mysteries of King’s as I unlock and make them known to you. Become those who will eagerly partake in this next place of Glory where the greatest decision and even battles must be fought.


Issachar is the tribe that represents this month and of course the key they carried was to know the times and seasons and what Israel ought to do. The donkey that is symbolized in Issachar reveals to us that there is a recompense of the Lord coming to His people. (Hebrews 10: 35) Here is another matter to be searched out as we partake in the table of Kings.

His Word:

“During this time, I am releasing a deep emotional healing. I am the lifter of your heads, I am a bearer of your circumstances, and I will bring you through the adversities of the day. For I am able to reconcile all things as you enter into my presence. It is a new place of forgiveness on every level. This is a time of promotion and favor that will come from my hand. For I will place my hands upon your hand so that they will grow and prosper in My way. Look to me, make the necessary adjustments along this pathway, and be transformed by My strength. There will be a removal of false things that will fall by the wayside as My strength comes upon you. For it will not be found in man, but in me. There will be a support that will come from those who are merging their hearts and minds towards me, and I will release joy and the abundance of life and well-being upon them.”


There will be provision but it will be for the funding of the work of the Lord. It will add to many lives during this time.  Within the prophetic word given to Issachar by His father Jacob in Genesis 49:14-15. Within the character of Issachar there is a deep humility that is found in the removal of fleshly things, and out of it flows wealth and reward.

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