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Word of the Lord for July 2014

By: Phyllis Ford

June 28, 2014


Mark 13:37 KJV And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

Luke 21:36 KJV Watch ye therefore, and pray always , that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass , and to stand before the Son of man.

Watch & Pray

We are in an hour where the WATCH is of paramount importance. If it were ever a time for  the keepers of the watch it is now (2 Kings 11: 5-7). If we look at the things taking place around the world like the kidnapping of three Hebrew boys, Russia's occupation in the Ukraine, and the conflict in Iraq with Syria we don't need a prophet to tell us that trouble is looming over our nations. We must also awake to the fact the Lord is coming to the churches, and judgment will begin in the house of the Lord.

PRAYER is the necessity of the hour. In this day, we are to be those who understand a day without prayer is a day without light, peace and the understanding of things to come as we navigate through the times we are in. Prayer is not just a natural part of our everyday existence, without it we will not understand what is going on around us and what is fast approaching. We are in a time-zone of a myriad of events naturally and spiritually. The big question is, "How will all this play out?", and the bigger question is, "Are we prepared for what we will see between now and the year's end?". What are the prophetic glimpses that will be revealed to us as we move forward to the Head of the Year?  

Let me say this that I believe in my spirit that we are on the verge of the most vital and life-changing movements of prayer that we have seen at this time. Coupled with worship, prayer will ultimately move us into the revival awakenings. But to close our eyes to the approaching trouble would be looking at the matter from only one side of the perspceptive.

The reality is that time is in acceleration mode, everything is moving swiftly. We must stay on task with everything right now and not become distracted with everyday frustrations. We  must also stay positioned before His presence. Moving in step and aligned to the Father so that we will be right where we need to be in our confession of faith to believe, achieve, and receive all that He has for us.

Focusing Our Eyes

The Lord said something very profound to me. Many of us are already in a place of manifestation and receivership of His promises. As we look in the natural everything is not fully revealed to us, but as we pray, "Lord, Open my eyes!". We will see the big picture which will provide us with key elements on how to proceed and how to operate from a place of victory. In the Spirit realm there is a heighten sense of awareness to what we have obtained to help us understand how to work out the directives that are before us. Through prayer we receive major strategies of how to deal with the enemies tactics. Our enhanced vision will move us forward with a trust and a expectation that the battle is won. Unifying with the understanding that the fight is not ours but it belongs to the Lord of Host.  

2 Kings 6:15-17 And when the servant of the man of God was risen early , and gone forth , behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do ? And he answered , Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.  And Elisha prayed , and said , LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see . And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

Once we refocus to freedom we will see things from His perspective and walk in the fullness of His grace. Once Elisha prayed for his servant it changed the dynamic if things. It is vital for us to pray into our situations so we may properly assess our lives. We pray asking the Father for his wisdom so that our direction and our steps may be ordered. Once we see we must hear and obey the voice of the Lord's instruction. For it will fully benefit us  both spiritually and naturally as it directs our next set of actions. The enemy's tactic is to break down the faith of those seeking and waiting before the Lord in order to cause frustration within them.  The enemy wants to get the believer to abandon his position and walk away from the true will of the Lord.     

His Words

"Beloved I desire for you to come into a deeper understanding through simple truths so that these revelations may come alive in you now. They are given to you to utilize and walk out for the sake of the Kingdom. The time is now to know how to understand and to implement these things. This is not a time to put your hands to the plow and look back. For I am placing these things in you: as living and breathing revelation that you may put on and allow it to take on new life and understanding. You are living in times where the purposes of my word will be fulfilled. So that a key set of preparations will take place and take hold. Walk them out in this time to see ultimate results. Watch how things done previously that wouldn't have worked before will be fulfilled for my glory."

"These things are coming forth in their proper seasons. Nothing is late because this is the time ordered. It is a time of fulfillment and if it had been before time it wouldn't have happened as it should. For I prepared a time of revealing and a time of implementation. It has now come and all things are aligning now to come to pass. It's about a destiny of a people in the proper time. A work in it's ordered season and the result of it which is now coming into fulfillment. Yes, it is new but carries within it the pattern of the old. It speaks of that which is to come and not just old accomplishments. The new has to do with those who will walk in new mindsets and a newness of passion to fulfill my purposes. That is new because it has a new people, those who are rising up to hear the sound that I am echoing in this hour."

"For I have given you power to believe and speak beyond the heavens and to declare things also upon this earth so that you may know my truth in a greater depth and draw it nigh to your heart. See it, believe it, so that you can see what I am preparing for you in this hour because I hath decreed it and ordained it to be so. Stretch out to reach beyond where you have been going, to go further, see clearer and recognize that I am showing you a way that will direct your path. For I am your power source and you must stay connected to me. For when you are close to me you are charged and there is no fear in you. But when you are pulled away by the busyness of the day you become weak and unable to do all that I have commanded you to do. So draw near and don’t pull back. For there is so much for you to know now. My ways are essential for you to overcome great obstacles. My way is the walk of the upright and within it are endless possibilities."

"The transformation is  taking place and the time is now. And it shall blaze a path for the future moves to come, it has been prayed for and cried out for and now it shall be fulfilled in this season. It is catching fire now going into the Head of the Year 5775. Know that everything is being set in place and will be aligned with the fulfillment of this age.

John 4:35 Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

"Do not say four months then the harvest will come, but I say unto you, "Look out upon the fields for they are already white unto Harvest."  For I am accelerating the time, and I am bringing harvest now! Look into the realm of the Spirit. Can you not see it? Can you not understand it is now? The future time is occurring now. The shift has taken place. It is here for those of you who will with the eyes of faith lay hold to my promises. You can and will possess it early because you have entered into a place of trust in me that pulls into the present that which is to come. Others will catch up and see and receive it soon afterward. For I have prepared a time right now for those who will believe and dare to see what can be now."

"The key is receiving what I am doing in this hour with a sincere heart crying out for me. One who is walking upright and in right standing with me will possess their inheritance. Even those who with hearts of true repentance that will turn their ways and cry out for me will receive. I am looking for those with clean hands and with pure hearts humbled before me . For I am changing time, creating time, and I am redeeming time. For I am moving in time and even working out time for those who will catch the wind of the Spirit and grab hold to what I am saying now."

"There is a cleansing going on in the lives of my people for I am calling those who are in prayer and intercession. Will my people heed the call? If you press in and seek me in this hour I shall be found and I shall begin to talk to you concerning the things that are so important to understanding my words and my ways. As you read my word this day, says the Lord, you shall understand and see things that you not seen and understand those things you have not known. See, Read, and Embrace so that you may enter into new realms of revelation. In it you will see Me and in it you will see You and I will reveal to you the similarities."

"This is a time when my people must be honest with themselves as to, "How they have prepared for my coming?", "How have they prepared for the reaping of the Harvest?", and "How have they prepared their loved ones?". These are issues weighing in the balance. Will you have enough oil to get through the times ahead? Are you so sure that you have what you need for your journey? These are questions to be answered in this hour. Are you concerned about the riches of the kingdom, or that which is achieved cunningly by man's hands? Do not be disillusioned in this hour men will follow after things that will only satisfy their lust. Do you not hear the cry of the watchman?"

"There will be those who will say we survived by following the teachings of the gospel, by walking in faith, living in integrity and upholding  a spirit of Holiness in our lives. When we lost our way we cried out and we were lead by the principles that kept us in times past. It was having a broken spirit and contrite heart that carried us through the most difficult struggles we encountered. Awaken others to the reality that there is a battle sounding in the distance and it is time to gird up the loins of your minds.  Renew your hope in the things that speak of my love which is drawing you to a greater calling and purpose. I am calling and wooing those who have given up and my heart is tender towards them. Have you not cried for them? Bring them to me. Those who have fallen and those who are confused bring them to me, for my heart cries for them."

1 Corinthians 16:13 KJV Watch ye , stand fast in the faith, quit you like men , be strong .

"Let me remind you, do not allow fear nor frustration to overwhelm you. As my army is gathering and growing, others are being set in place. Battles are being waged in the heavenly realms. Know that you have entered into a time of battles. You will fight wielding your faith as a weapon, and carrying your praise as a shield and buckler as you march towards victory. Understand that which opposes you now wants to get you off focused and emotionally driven but quit ye like men, and walk out the strength that I have given you to stand your ground. Incline your ear to hear your orders as I release them to you. This is a time to be disciplined and unwavering in your faith. No matter what you see remember I am working behind the scenes and the promises of my people will be realized."

Day Vision

In prayer I saw great negotiations going on in the heavenly realm. Transactions were purchased by those who had been faithful in Him. Heavenly acquisitions and new territories were being taken for the Kingdom. There was a buzz about it in the realm of the spirit, and I heard the voice of the Lord say, "For Twenty one days."


**Check Out my daughter's word "With the Changing of the Seasons", under the more section. It is in alignment with this one and will give your further insight.**

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