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With the Changing of the Seasons

By: Rachel Elisabeth

June 26, 2014


A season of encounter is coming, and unlike the season of visitation that just passed, God is coming to dwell among us. As we enter this season what God was doing behind the scenes is going to come to the forefront. Financial harvest will begin to manifest at the increased measure of God's presence in the earth. It will come in many forms and through many avenues. Seeds sown in this season will bring forth accelerated harvest, and loving kindness will be repaid with favor. Know that as the wheat comes forth so will the tares. God's harvest will be released into the lives of God's people and that which imitates God's likeness but doesn't not carry God's spirit will be exposed. (Matthew 13:24-30)  I hear God saying, "I shall reveal it's true nature as I come to release resources into the hands of my people. And the fire that originates from my spirit shall consume it.". During this season much will take place. God is speaking now to His people, because the time for manifestation is approaching for those who are owed double portions. When the season of encounter comes we will not hear God's voice, but we shall hear His footsteps. Literally people will wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of footsteps all over the earth. For He will shake and show Himself strong in the earth, and His spirit will dwell heavily on His people until the work is complete. The manifestation of the increase in an awareness of God will leave people to many supernatural experiences. The world will call it phenomenons, but we'll call them true God encounters.

This season of encounter will be a time of great impartation and transformation, but for some it will be a time of confrontation. For God will confront that which is not of Him and He will expose the counterfeits by revealing Himself to His people as the real thing. When all is said and done a great revival will fall upon the earth and remain for three weeks. Revival will burn unlike what has been seen in the earth for a long time. No part of the church will go untouched. Whether the encounter will bring judgement for some and a transformation for others will depend on us.

Today I bring you the message of what I have just spoken and the message of what I am about to speak. Below you will find two messages. One for those that are weary from battle and the other are those who have grown weary in waiting. For some both messages will apply to specific areas or situations in your life. For most only one will address where they truly are. I advise you read both and allow the spirit of God which dwells with in you to show which applies to your life.

Steady the Bow

By: Rachel Elisabeth

I had a vision. In this vision I was on a battlefield and in front of me were a small company of angels warring on my behalf. We had been fighting for so long and yet my enemies continued to multiply against me. I was sitting on a horse with a bow in my hand as the angels fought to keep the enemies' army from reaching me. I could not see the leader of my enemies clearly because he was far across the battlefield. But I knew he was sitting on a horse positioned opposite of me. As the battle waged on I put my arrow to the bow and aimed it at the enemy leader sitting opposite of me. My arrow was in a constant state of readiness but I did not shoot it because I knew the arrow could not logically travel that far. As I held the bow drawn my arms began to shake for I had held it in that place of readiness for so long. As I thought to put my arms down I heard the Lord speak and say, "Steady the Bow". As I held that place in obedience my arms stop shaking as I used everything within me to keep the arrow ready for release.

Then I saw it. It was like a window made of energy and light but I could see through it. It was on the right of me in the middle of battlefield. Then the Lord said again, "Steady the Bow". So with all of my strength I held that bow as if I would let the arrow fly at any moment. The window passed slowly across the battlefield until it came into alignment with me. When it was directly infront of me it stopped. I could see the one standing in opposition of me as if he was right behind the window. I then heard God say, "Release", and when I released the arrow it went through the window and directly into the heart of my enemy. Suddenly the angels stopped fighting and my foes turned into ashes. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, "Victory is like an arrow shot through a window of time into the heart of your enemies.". [1 Kings 13:17]

Some of you have been fighting for so long in the position that God has called you to and in the situations you have been dealing with so much so that you have become weary. I hear God speaking to you saying, "Hold your position! Steady the Bow! For a window of time is about to present itself and in that time I will give you the victory. For in the those final seconds when you release the arrow I will cause that which you could not accomplish before to be made possible.". Keep your ears focused on the voice of God. Don't be distracted, but remain in the place of constant readiness and in the perfect window of time God will give you the victory. To God be the Glory and may this message take root in the hearts of God's people.

Awake to Manifestation

By: Rachel Elisabeth

I had a vision that I was in a room without walls. Before me stood a locked door. I waited and waited and waited in front of the door for so long that I began to get tired. I decided to rest but I did not want to move from in front of the door. So I slept infront of the door as if the door could open at any second. When I awoke refreshed I immediately felt something in my pocket. I stood up and pulled it out of my right pocket. When I looked at it I saw that it was a key. I put it in the lock, unlocked the door, and walked in. [Proverbs 8:34 & Revelations 3:8]

Some of you have been waiting to enter into the promise, favor, and prosperity prophesied over your life for so long that you have grown weary. I hear God saying, "Because you have waited on me as if the door would open at any moment, past the time originally set. I will allow you to enter into my rest. So that you may recover the strength you lost in the waiting. And by the time you awake with new strength, I will not make you use it. For you will awake to manifestation, and there you will find everything you need." Don't move and don't walk away. I know you're tired of waiting, but it is your faith and persistent belief in the promises of God that has won His favor. Spend time with Him, rest, and receive this impartation of strength. And when you have come to a full spiritual recovery God will make good on His promise and release the keys into your hands. So that you may enter into the promises of God prophesied over your life. Some will find the key in places they looked previously before the time. But when the key is present you will feel it, you will know, and you will enter into all that God has said. To God be the Glory and may this message take root in the hearts of God's people.



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