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Word of the Lord for June 2016

By: Phyllis Ford

June 7, 2016

I began to hear the Lord through the prophet Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 29:11-14 “You will be in Babylon for seventy years. But then I will come and do for you all the good things I have promised, and I will bring you home again. For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you,” says the Lord. “I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes. I will gather you out of the nations where I sent you and will bring you home again to your own land.”

God’s people have sometimes been caught up in a mentality of exile. Driven away from the hope and faith they once had in the promises of God by discouragement and fear. Many have become mentally oppressed with the world’s false projection of current circumstances interwoven by the lies of the enemy. In a time of deception and division the dark chains of the enemy plague the minds of the people, but I hear God saying, “Come out of exile. For the chains are broken this day.”. Your mind is being freed your movements and thoughts no longer limited or restricted as God breaks off of you the very thing that has kept you from seeing how close you are to the promise. For recompense and restoration is about to be released and you will have to walk away from an exile mentality to receive it.

When we look at God’s word we see that in the face of the enemy God’s people were able to overcome. Many have been waiting for the enemy to be removed to walk in victory, but God is saying walk in victory in the face of your enemies. As we shift our thinking we release in our lives the power to maneuver through troubling times and to overcome in different seasons. So no matter what we see with our natural eyes, we must walk in an understanding that God has been moving behind the scenes. We are being given what we need and there are more with us than are with our enemy. God will unlock doors, release patterns, and unveil strategies that will take us into new dimensions in Him as we seek His face.

The Lord is speaking to the regions and its inhabitants now as He did in Jeremiah 29:14. There is a re-ordering in the land and in the people. He is calling us out and gathering us and even in the gathering there will be a grouping and a migration of the people to move forward and to respond to the mandate of the hour. I have said several times before we are about to see some startling things, but if we only focus on the enemy's movements we will miss what the Father is doing. There is about to be an unraveling of the lies and delusions instated by the Babylonian system in place. Much will be uncovered more and more within these next 90 days. In the midst of upheaval but we will also see a people who will see through the eyes of the Lord as he refines us and redefines us in order.

We must be a tenacious people not shaken by trouble and not moved by fear. So as we persist and prevail, new strategies will arise out of the prayer place. “There is a code, a language of my people and I will sound with a heavenly sound and with the trump of my might. My people will move forward to possess the land! A priestly anointing is being released and it will come and transform a prophetic people. Giving them the gift to recognize patterns on an even greater scale than some already do. They will be decoders and to them will be given a language that will be understood by them and the darkness will be unable to decipher it.”

Then the Lord spoke to me a declaration to the four regions of the land. The following are a series of visions and utterances that the Lord showed me over the course of two nights. I saw maps, gates, and regions. You will need to pray in order to know precise locations that pertain to you. Some of you maybe in the South of the US for example but God may want you to also pay attention your region within the state or city. It is up to you to seek God and find out which regions apply to you the most. We will see these things unfold from the Feast of Pentecost and over the next 90 days.



“Prepare for the shift that is approaching this land. I am changing, shaking and bringing forward that which needs to be accomplished and established in this hour. So move forward and make your way through the unchartered waters.” {I saw Keys that will be released to unlock new revelation and new understanding. Along with a wisdom that first begins with a removal of that which is unnecessary in order to set in place that which must remain.} “My priorities will be laid as the foundation. There will arise a migration to the west from the Midwest and the South. Some are being relocated for kingdom purposes. I am now reordering and setting right things that have been allowed to continue without correction. Now there will be major preparations set in a timely fashion to complete that which was started going all the way back to 2008 to now. This rapid movement will be the remedy to many glitches that have held things up in the past.” {I heard the words: Rebuilding, Realigning and Reordering as the major order of the day.} “It will come with swift movement and great acceleration. What took years before will take months to gain momentum and recover.” 



“DISCOVERY, even that which has been lost is about to be recovered. You are coming out of a season of pause and even being stuck. You are about catch up on lost time. That which has been delayed even hindered will now move forward. Financial increases will arise out of unusual places as if it had been hidden but now discovered. Veiled but now in plain sight. Kingdom Alliances in the marketplace will emerge. Things that could not get off the ground shall come up now. Completion will be easier because the team and the nets will work. Some powerful discoveries will come in the area of deliverance. There is an un-sticking of that which has been stuck. New awakenings will come forth because of a new paradigm and the hope to believe again will be real and tangible. New decisions will become new declarations and the breaking away of division will come forth now. No more deterred projects on the drawing board. People will literally discover what has kept them from striking new ground. A new sound will come forth, this sound will shake things and cause movement producing waves of Glory. Activation, new stirrings, and no more standing still. This sound will create a catalyst for change. Move with the motion because that which has been inert will now be pushed into position.” {I heard the words, Striking Distance. [Definition of Striking Distance - a distance from which something can be easily reached or attained such as a goal.]} “Direction will be clear and you will deal with things directly no middle man.” {I heard things like Direct Sales and Directing your course of operation.}



“A strong wind will blow upon the north.” {I saw mountains and valleys in the distance becoming a level field. I asked the Lord, what does that mean? He said, “Things are being called into a balance and order. The great revelation that was revealed in the mountainous regions will be made to bring answers to situations in the valley.”. {The Valley is where we are humbled by circumstances tempered in Him by the removal of pride and arrogance bringing a resolve to irreconcilable differences. What I saw in the vision brought peace to the North and a calming that settled. Then I saw a mist but it was as a glistening light that fell upon the land. I heard the Lord say, “Within 30 days after Pentecost the pressures from this region will be lifted. Revival winds would blow and settle on the land. It will be evident in small places of obscurity and small areas and then it will spread all over very rapidly.” {I saw angels hovering and moving quickly over the land. I heard the Lord say, “Now is the time!”. The angelic movements were so strong until even the clouds looked clusters of angels. The Lord explained to me that they were being sent out to trouble areas. To help and assist in a time of crisis and confusion. A strong intercession came out of the North and words were etched upon the sky and the people began to look up.}



{Covenant Standard! The Lord said} "Keep my commandments! I am preserving a people that will hold fast to that which is good and honorable. Become the standard in the land! Stand watch over the land!” {I saw watchmen stand shoulder to shoulder and a cry was released and things began to shake. Standard bearers began to arise and pray all while moving forward in formation. I heard the words, "Perseverance yields great integrity." Then the Lord said, “This land will go through a purging and a cleansing. There will even be a washing away of things that are contaminated and polluted.”. {I saw tsunami waves increase and The Lord said,} “I will set cleansing streams and new water ways in the realm of the spirit. The washing will take and the debris will be washed away. This washing will occur in the land and upon my people. Keep the faith, and believe upon me. Living waters will purify these streams during these next 90 days. This region has been a targeted area for the enemy plans but I the Lord will raise up warriors who will not be afraid. They will be radical, dauntless, ready to change, to remove, uproot, cast down, and that which had poisoned the land will be "salted down. ".” {I saw a people who looked like they had been coated in something, and I asked what is this Lord? He said they were salted with His grace to get the job done.} “There will be people groups with godly purposes and they will come forward to create change. They will be effective in bringing peace to crisis areas.” {I saw the words that stood like people begin to fall like ANGER, PRIDE, INJUSTICE. He said,} “I am raising up a radical army. They will create a strong stand as warriors prepared for battle against the forces of the enemy. They shall not fear and they will be fierce.” 


During this season of suddenlys merged with Jubilee and the feast of Pentecost we ask that you would sow a seed into the work of the Lord. May the blessings of God overflow upon you and your family as we enter into this new season.  

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