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Word of the Lord for August 2014

By: Phyllis Ford

July 28, 2014


The Lord said that August will be a month where He will set order, and things will be “so ordered in the courts heaven” by Him the judge of all. For this will be vital in this coming season.

Psalms 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

Isaiah 9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

Isaiah 37:31-32 "The surviving remnant of the house of Judah will again take root downward and bear fruit upward. 32"For out of Jerusalem will go forth a remnant and out of Mount Zion survivors. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this."

There are things that the Lord is ordering now. So that all things can be brought into proper alignment with His will. This is a month that prior plans will begin to be walked out and fresh plans will be set in motion by the hand of the Lord. Time is short and as things fall into place we will see the results of that which was growing beneath the surface and is now ready to be manifested openly. Seeds planted early this year have taken root and will now bear fruit. For the Lord is setting things in place. This will mark a time when unjust weights will be balanced because that which was previously hindering God’s promise has been broken. He has broken it by His own hand, and He has defeated our enemies. However He is now challenging us to be bold and determined concerning the things that concern Him.

In all that we must do, we must be determined within our hearts and minds to see those things accomplished. We must earnestly contend for the faith. Major things are being activated and stirred up in this hour.  For Abba will have a determined people, in this determined hour to do the work that is before us. This will mark a time of the early harvest in which what must be done will be done. We must continue in the work of the kingdom according to His pattern. (I noticed during the study of this word that the word “order” was used in conjunction to the construction of the tabernacle.) This reveals that we about to see the conclusion of the tipping point and we will begin to see the words God spoke come alive and move into a place of fulfillment.

His Words:

“The defining moments that will occur in the month of August will unveil a chain of events that will not only point to but define my purposes. You will understand more clearly what I have previously promised and purposed before the foundation of the earth. You will fully know why in this season that they have been so ordered and set in motion by my own hand. For I have a mandate, a people and I have determined a set order of time for these things to fall into place and I will not be denied. I am setting things in order and lining them up according to my plans so that my people will move in the right direction at the right time.” (See Footnotes 1).

“Remember that when you keep the sayings and teachings of my word and build your house upon them. When the winds and rains blow from the approaching storms that will come you will be strengthen by my truth, and you will persevere in my presence even in the times to come. For my word will keep you and guide you through trying times, know with a surety that though the grass withers and the flower fades my word will last forever.” (Mt.7:24-26, Isaiah 40:8)

“When your lives are built upon the truth of my word you will be established, and you will find peace which will bring comfort to your heart. Allow it to cover you and be clothed in it. Wear it like a garment to keep you no matter what season you may enter in now and throughout eternity. August will bring with it a growth and a maturity for my people. In it my purposes will come forth according to my patterns, carrying with it the petitions and prayers of my people. It will stand strong in my ways persevering against the deceptions of the day. Carrying with it the understanding that my power is being prepared for the preservation of souls to come. “

“It will bear a sound of the echoing of my coming that will ring out over the land. It is my sound saying, “It is so ordered and it shall be done.” It is also a battle cry across the land saying, “My kingdom come and my will be done on this earth in this time.” My army shall move forth as a mighty army ready for the coming of this day.”

“So be ye ready for the battle for you will fight and it will mark a new victory, no matter how it seems. This harvest of souls are being prepared and set forth in this time and the word sent out for them will not return void. There will be forward movement of the advancement to bring forth the kingdom and it shall expand in this time. The order has gone out, you will hear the sound of the decree and your hearts will burn for its fulfillment. The battle that is being waged now is the battle for the hearts of men, it is so ordered and it shall be done.”

“The purpose for alignment with my cause has increased and the urgency is of great importance. In the heat of the battle spoils will be released, purposes shall be accomplished, my way will be upright, and will direct my people miraculously. Finances and resources will be granted and will come forth so that my word may be accomplished. There will be supernatural manifestations that will come into the hands of those who will not necessarily see tangible finances but I will personally see to them being watered spiritually and naturally in this season. There will be favor upon the left and upon the right and the work of my hands will come forth in mighty ways. Which symbolizes that even now I am gathering a people for a time ordered and a dispensation to come. For I will need them and raise them up for they will be nourished by those who have gone before them.”

“There is a gathering within the gathering, a healing in the midst of the healing, and a deliverance within those who will aid in delivering others. For they will be snatched out of the fire with only the smell of smoke upon them.  For there is a work within the working, as the wheels within the wheels roll forward to accomplish the work that must be done. This is what you saw by vision.” (I saw a vision that looked like Ezekiel Chapter 1.) “This is the work of my hands that I have ordered through time and will in times to come.”

His Words for the Marketplace:

“I will ignite the marketplace and set it ablaze with a mighty release of my resources. Goods, services, and building materials for the betterment of the coming work. For I have appointed those with business acumen from within and without this venue to get things done quickly. Much will be accomplished and this testimony will spread amongst men, “That as they sought me they were made to prosper.” There will be those who will sow and those who will gather and build for the sake of the kingdom. For I shall increase the hands of those who have heard the cries of my people and have set their hearts to help and release to others. It will be a sign and a testimony to what will take place. For I have so ordered it in the heavens and it will come forth upon this earth for my glory.”

“It will be said that even in the midst of confusion and chaos amongst the nations that I set my hands upon those whose hearts were crying out towards me, and I reverse and changed their circumstances overnight. Those near and far will know it was my righteous judgments that I have set in motion to transfer the wealth of wicked men into the hands of the just. For their substance will be like the chaff that will blow away in the midst of trouble, and the blowing will unveil lies and uncover dishonesty. I will speak to angels who will scatter amongst the righteous good seeds and water from the heavens that will yield a bumper crop. So that souls to come into the kingdom for a fulfillment of my promises to assist in this great harvest. Some monies will go forth into foreign fields for missions and even to feed those who are in famine. My kingdom will come forth and harvest will be the portion of those who hearts are turned towards me.”

His Final Word:

“In this time men will see and understand revelation they have yet to fully know and fully understand. These things have been decreed and declared and now they are being set in motion. I shall perform these things and many will later understand that the Zeal of their Lord has accomplished this. It will be spoken in this time and in the times to come. Many of these things will even line up with September’s  coming feasts and will reveal the fulfillment of my word to my beloved ones.” (See Footnotes 2 also Isaiah 9:7, Isaiah 37:31-32)


1.) Definitions:  of ordered, order.
v    To give an authoritative direction or instruction to do something.
        Synonyms:    instruct, command, direct, enjoin, tell, require, charge;
v    To request (something) to be made, supplied, or served.
       Synonyms: request, apply for, place an order for; book, reserve, preorder;
v    To arrange (something) in a methodical or appropriate way.
       Synonyms:    organize, put in order, arrange, sort out, marshal, dispose, lay out; classify, categorize,          
      Middle English: from Old French ordre, from Latin ordo, ordin- ‘row, series, rank.’

2.) The Zeal of the Lord will accomplish this:
Pulpit Commentary: The meaning is that God’s zealous love and care for his people will effect their complete restoration to prosperity and glory, difficult as it was at the time to imagine such a restoration,  

Another Source: This simply means that God guarantees that prophesies mentioned earlier will be fulfilled.  

This is how the Lord explained it to me this way: “When I make good on my promises, it is with great zeal (power), that I bring forth what I have spoken. It carries such strength with it that the very work of my hands remove everything that is trying to hinder out of its path (it obliterates any obstructing hindrances.) People will see and say it was a work of the Lord and know that man had no part in it.




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