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Word of the Lord for 5777

By: Phyllis Ford

August 19, 2016

I want to share with you what I believe the Lord is prophetically saying to us as a people concerning the coming Hebrew Year 5777 (the Head of the Year, Rosh Hashanah).

God prompted me to share this word with you two months ahead of time so that we can embrace what the Lord is saying in the times to come.

As I began to study the approaching season I started by searching out the significance of the Hebrews letters, numbers, & pictographs. Along with significant scriptures pertaining to the numbers that we are looking at now (which is biblical numerics). I would like to clarify this is not numerology or Kabala (which is Jewish mysticism). This is recognizing the patterns and order that God has placed in His word with keys that prophetically align with our time. The word of God is a multifaceted, multipurposed, and multidimensional message given to us by the Lord guiding us in our now. We must study it and then take all that is revealed back to God so that He might further reveal the interpretation.

Some of what I gathered might be a few things you have heard before, but these things are coming back again in this season due to it’s relevancy in this hour.

What I believe we are going to see in this coming year is the face of God as He reveals Himself to us in new dimensions. If I had to give a particular term for what we will see it would be Dimensions in Yah.


  1. an aspect or feature of a situation or thing

  2. measurable extent of some kind, such as length, depth, or height.


God is about to show Himself to His people in tangible ways that we have never seen before. God is revealing Himself to us and understand that when we see Him we see our future. (“But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” 1 John 3:3) The very sight of God transforms us, and as we align with Him we align with who are going to become and what is to come. So if we see God in this key time I truly believe He will show us everything we need to see, because Jesus is coming carrying with Him all things. In 5777 He is revealing to us the revelation light by which we can navigate through these seasons ahead. So here comes Yah and when He steps upon the scene His very being challenges everything that is not like Him. Jesus preached in the synagogue and demons cried out.  Expect to see the evil hidden amongst us revealed. (1 John 3:7-9) God’s presence will come as judgement to some but to us His children a form of deliverance with the power to transform us into His likeness.

(The following are the areas the Lord had me research.)

He is revealing Himself to us through Genealogy 5777:

As we look at the first 10 generations we see a prophetic pattern being laid out. We look at 10 because it is government. It is both decree and declaration.

Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalal’el, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah.

Now let us look at LAMECH. Why Lamech? Because the bible tells us Lamech lived to be 777 years old. (Genesis 5:31) Historians tell us that 5 years later came the flood. [7 7 7 5] The name Lamech means to be low, to be humiliated. Now the person who became low and was humiliated for us was Jesus.

(Jesus is the 77th in the line of genealogy according to Luke 3:23-28.) In this coming year genealogy will play a significant role in our lives spiritually.

We always see ourselves from the perspective of generational curses but we are going to see the benefits of our family lines. Generational blessings are coming to us in a time of 7 (a time of perfecting). Why is it that we bind and restrain the workings of our generations by only acknowledging curses? Now is the time to walk in the blessings of Christ. The pattern we see is Jesus the one who was made low and humiliated dies then comes a cleansing of the land due to sin. The promise to never cleanse by way of a flood was fulfilled in Christ. Who restored our access to living water that does not run dry, but cleanses us and removes that which is not of God like in the days of Noah. So this time we a reversal of 7 7 7 5 where in the end the water came to us and now we see 5 7 7 7 where a way has been made to bring us to the water.

Throughout this study we begin to see prophetic markers. They are indicators to tell us that we are coming to our destination. GPS tells us which route we are taking and how long until we reach the destination. We know that no one knows the day nor the hour when the Lord will return, but He is marking the times and seasons prophetically as we approach our destination. The time is short and there is an urgency in the realm of the spirit. So as we approach our destiny we are being updated. The spirit of God is leading, guiding, and directing His people. Our focus is to become a people prepared for the work of the Lord so that we can prepare a people for the fulfillment of that work.

Much of these things will require you to go into further study. As much as I would like to share it all there is just so much to cover. So many of these key factors have to be listed in summary.

Now let’s hit reality. The Spirit of God (which is and has Holiness, Truth, Revelation, Godliness or God-likeness etc.) is going to wage war against the spirit of wickedness and the spirit of anti-Christ in the earth.

5000 - There is a famine in the land, and in this time the multitudes must be fed. We are in the season where the multitudes will become a priority in the Kingdom. In most churches the people of God are spending endless time on the people of God. Recycling Christians has become a trend while the lost live outside the walls still lost. It’s time to focus on helping those people get into the Kingdom of God. Reaching them is a priority. Bringing them in and getting them connected. Grace and truth in Love is key to ushering in and feeding the lost the bread of everlasting life.

We are coming out of seeing how to operate according to man to transitioning into seeing how to operate according to God.

700 - Resurrection Life will flow from God’s people as they humble themselves. In one aspect learning how to die so that Christ can live in us. In the other aspect learning how to live in abundant life as we walk out of and away from dead things.

777 - On Sept 28, 2008 stock market crashed at 777 points. Financial crisis is coming not just to America, but to Europe as well as other places. In the year of 5777 the term, “Global Financial Crisis” will begin to be passed around more and more as major problems hit their peak.

We must prepare for the season and the hour of 7 seals, 7 vials, and 7 trumps from the book of Revelation. I believe in 5777 there will be an alignment of all these things as we began to further walk into biblical prophecy.

The 7 spirits of God are also important in this time with each facet of God’s spirit carrying with it keys to get us through the times ahead. Isaiah 11:1-3 “And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord; And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears:”. All these things will help equip us for this season as we face many challenges and come out of deceptions created by our own limited perception of things.


In the (Glyph) of 7 we see the sword. Double 77 is a two-edged sword. We will walk out the apostolic mandate Jesus sent to the 70. These will be servant leaders who are not focused on how much power they possess but they will be humble and grateful servants who will possess the heart of the Lamb as well as the power of the Lion of Judah. We will see Lamb leadership, servants who are teachable, pliable, and able to flow as one.

Zayin 7 - The road traveled in the greatness of God is found in Humility and brokenness according to God’s original intent.

The Sword - There will be a cutting away, a cutting off, and a cutting through.

  1. Cutting Away - Things that are on the surface that were a part of our growth process but are now being removed because the removal of these things prepares us for the next stage of our work in Him. It is a separation like that the of the husk and the corn or the cocoon and the butterfly.

  2. Cutting Off - Things that need to be pierced through to the center the very core to effectively be removed. Now we are talking about inward deliverance and the removal of that which is harmful in us. As well as things that must be removed in this time such as Pride.

  3. Cutting Through - Anything that impedes our progress by standing in our way. Things that will arrest our development. The removing of obstacles around us.


I would like to also add another key action of God’s sword in this hour.

Cut Covenant - If we are connected by way of covenant to things outside of the will of God these things must be severed. We do not need to find ourselves bound to the wrong people and things in this hour. We should walk in step with God as we make and keep covenant with Him.

We must grab hold of the 7’s as well as release somethings that were revealed to us in forms of 7 throughout God’s word.

Example 1: There must also be a walking away from the 7 Deadly sins, which goes back to the need for inward healing/deliverance as we the bride prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. Time is short we must remove these things now.

  1. A proud(vain) look

  2. A lying tongue.

  3. Hands that shed innocent blood

  4. A heart that deviseth wicked acts

  5. Feet that be swift in running to mischief

  6. A false witness that speaketh lies

  7. He that soweth discord among brethren         


Example 2: We have also been given 7 motivational gifts or gifts of grace that in this time we should submit to the perfecting of them in us. (Romans 12:4-8)

  1. Prophecy

  2. Service

  3. Teaching

  4. Exhortation

  5. Giving

  6. Administration

  7. Mercy


The Lord is holding a place preparing a place for My remnant. Those who will rise up in this hour, who will rise up in these last days, move forward, and walk in obedience in alignment with what He is calling them to do.



His Words:  

“I have a place for you and it is a place of safety, a place of blessing, a place of divine turn-around leading us to a place where we can receive things we have never received before. Even now I am expanding your understanding and enlightening your thinking. In this Kairos moment I am broadening your vision and giving you clarity of sight. For you will see all that is going to occur in accordance to the Hebrew year 5777. I am setting before you three key segments of time.“

  • You will see the initial stage at the very beginning of onset of 5777 in .

  • The second stage will be during the (the Gregorian Calendar) and the Jewish calendar 5777 merge.

  • Then you will see another major shifting in time during Purim in the month of .


“During these 3 major segments of time you will see things that will occur. I will give you a clear understanding in what I am bringing forth according to my word in those times. So look to me as I release your marching orders. Look to me as I direct and assist you in focusing upon the most important things that you will need to know. Much will be changing and transforming, says the Lord, because you are now on an accelerated course.

For these are markers in time. I am preparing you as you come before my presence in praise and prayer and in your personal time with me. I will increase your capacity to receive from me to know and understand me and this will help you to get ready and be prepared. Know that I am preparing you and I am getting you ready for things that will happen in this hour where all hands will be needed. Things that are occurring and will be taking place to mark a specific time in the earth and in the heavenlies. I will have you to be alert, focused and ready. Ready to move forward as my army. So allow my word to direct your Steps and reveal your course in this time. For my word will be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.”


1st prophetic marker Rosh Hashanah: Oct 2nd 2016

“And there are great adjustments that are going to be made in the first segment for the key word will be adjustments. Adjustments must be made in my people as they walk in step to my purpose. There will be adjustments even in the land and know that there will even be adjustments in the positioning of my people. I am fine tuning my people as they gather now as one.  There will be those shifted to positions to provide, protect, and bear up key areas of operations so there will be a kingdom ebb and flow with my people. There will even be a change in who will carry certain assignments, but you will need to move without hesitancy to complete the major tasks ahead. As a result, there will be a greater synergy. I will bring forth tribes of my people coming together to counter and to conquer all that will be trying to hinder the purposes of kingdom rule and reign. In the midst of chaos you will see a soundness and a wisdom that will emerge. It will uproot and replace that which has been looming over the land to instill fear amongst my people. This will bring forth a great impact to reverse the effects of many who now feel stuck without direction or resolve.” 

“You will also see those who have held on to anger, bitterness, and have nurtured the seeds of rebellion. Those who have continued to stand angry and bitter. These seeds that remained will now become a breeding ground and feeding ground for darkness. For many will ask are these seeds that brought forth bitter grapes, along with thorns, and thistles? Many will look at them and say from where did they come?”

“These were the laments, and the unresolved pain held on to that had festered and grew within the people who did not experience remedy or resolve. As a result, they didn’t turn and those bitter seeds remain and brought forth bitter roots. But I will bring them resolve and it will be established in my people. For my people in the time appointed of will make adjustments, as I the Lord deal with these things.”

2nd marker January 1st 2017

“During the first of the year you will see a time of great recompense, recovering, and replenishing amongst my people. A lot of ground will be taken in 2017, but a lot of things will be going on at the same time everything will be happening very quickly.”

“And one day you will see chaos and then the next day you will see resolve. That will be just how fast I will be moving in that hour and in that time. The forerunners will move forth rapidly to blaze new trails. They will be ready and bold picking up the torch to run and not be afraid. A lot of the trouble that had loomed in their past, will not concern them nor frighten them. For those who overcame their circumstances while in the crucible of trouble, will be ready and prepared to lead the way. Know that I have strengthened you, resuscitated you and breathed my breath into you. I have recalibrated you and set you on a course so that you might prepare the way for others who are lost and disillusioned.”

3rd marker during Purim March 9th 2017

“During the month of March will be a time of reordering, a renewing, and a repairing of the breach. A time of healing of that which has been broken.”

“For this will be a time of reordering even setting my mandate upon those who are ready for the next phase of growth in my army. For my foot soldiers will march to the sound in the earth. A sound of trembling. So that there may be reconstruction and a reforming of the order which I am setting in place. I will even break reoccurring cycles and destroy some evil structures to never be built again. Because “to conquer” will become the battle cry. While all this is taking place and moving forward know, that we shall conquer in the midst of trouble. Conquering the enemies of the hour by breaking major strongholds. Conquering by my army of servant leaders, even a pushing back of the darkness that will be upon the land and the people. Even after all is said and done VICTORY will be the order of the day. In the midst of much trouble you will see great glimpses of victory. You will see different situations where extreme measures will be taken and the enemies plans will be foiled. There will be triumphant victory!”

“And there will be a taking of major ground and the command posts will be established and this will be just the beginning of what will need to be done.”

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