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Word of the Lord for Tevet 5777

By: Phyllis Ford

December 30, 2016

Tevet brings forth two opposing ideologies. However, I believe that by entering into this month while merging with Hanukkah presented to us true light and revelation by shining the righteousness, justice and the fear of the Lord. This blesses us for those who are willing to have regard for the things of Yeshua. It positions us into the importance of seeking Him, with a voice crying out in this hour. Many will ask in this season, Lord where do we go from here?

This is the tenth month, which symbolizes government, the Lord expressed, “We will see and understand the nature of things that will be presented before us. This month will prophetically speak to us the challenges that we will face into the coming months. There will be clear lines drawn to where true loyalties reside. The issues of Israel will unfold to the point that she will know who her real allies are.

During this time we are being challenged to filter what we see, know and understand. Seers in this hour, as they remain before His presence, will articulate with great detail, what is being revealed through the eyes of the Lord. This will add a greater dimension that lead others into a powerful illumination according to Ephesians 1:17-20.

This is a watch season that will speak to us as we navigate through Tevet. Try not to be distracted but to be focused. Not to trade off that which we can receive out of the richness of relationship with Him over anything else. Major decisions must be made. The Lord said strong lines of delineation will be drawn. Circle of influences will become more defined and others will undergo change in order to birth an even greater synergy.

This is when Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers, also how Jacob and his family who moves to Egypt after 22 years of separation from Joseph. Jacob was 130 and Joseph was 39. The Lord speaks to them as they go into Egypt, not to fear and He will make them a great nation. We must remember that it is what Abba has placed in us, that truly defines who we are in this hour.

His Words:

“There is more, there is a greater realm/place in Me before you now. Will you not press in? You have been in the press but you are about to see the Oil pour forth out of your life like fine gold. It will come with purity and great price. It will come with true communion and total commitment.

It's not important to be known or to be followed but to follow. I am about to uncover all things and they will be naked before all. I am separating even among you, those who are mine and those who are under great delusion. I am removing my grace and my candlestick from those whose motives are not pure."

Come together my beloved, gather, so that you may see the Day of My Power as it is released upon this land and people. Prepare for the time of My habitation, for there is more, says the Lord. Tevet December 30th to January 27th .

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