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It's All About the Oil: Word for March 2016

By: Phyllis Ford

March 9, 2016


The Lord begin to speak to me concerning this time, and the significance of oil on several levels. He specifically said this would be a time of great release of His anointing and glory. He compaired it to the pouring out of His oil. Oil is produced through a process of crushing and it is the residue that which comes as a result of the press of the olive leaf. 

I had a dream about oil. In the dream the oil of prayer kept the people from a trouble that was trying to come upon them. As they prayed and prayed the oil flowed. Suddenlies were happening everywhere. It was like prayer had a domino effect upon many situations at the same time. They seem to navigate through troubled waters and situations were averted as they continued to press in. Then it seemed as if the oil filled up to such a large measure until it flowed all over things, and it did not stop. No matter what, the oil continued until it touched everything and it ran over the table down to the floor and it had no end. I have had dreams about the significance of prayer but not like this one. It was vivid and tangible as if it could reach through one's natural senses. When I woke up I was in travail. As I came out of the dream I arose with the understanding; that as the people pressed in and prayed that things would begin to change and significantly shift almost overnight.  

Some very key things are being birthed now and some things are being covered and it is all because of prayer. The Lord brought back to my remembrance a prophetic word I shared previously. (May 2013.)  

Exerts from a Word given to me in May 2013:

 I saw a vision of a white cup filled to the top with oil, and then all of sudden it was turned onto it’s side and the oil flowed out and seemed to never stop. (There was more oil coming out than that which seem to be in the cup (an overflow).) Then when it was empty it turned back into it’s upright position and was full again. I knew there was a mighty release more than the cup could hold. I knew this was as a result of a divine supply coming from the Lord. A couple of days later I saw a huge hand coming out of the heavens and out of its palm was pouring oil.

“I am pouring upon my people the oil of my covenant that was established in times past. You will begin to see it’s effect in the days to come. As I pour out the oil upon you, it will be evident that I will be with you to help you, direct you, and show you things as you cry out from your place in prayer. The oil symbolizes access into places you could have never walked into before. As well as the ability to come out of situations that you would not have been able to come out of otherwise. It is the oil of favor and joy giving you the grace to come out of troubled areas into a place of breakthrough. Testimonies and miracles will begin to come forth; so many wondrous things will begin to happen. Know that I am moving upon this time for all to see so that a greater measure of My glory will come forth. Revival fires will burn. You will feel the power of my love coming forth upon my people and joy will come in the midst of them. A peace will be released that will bring a fire and a light upon my people that will flow like liquid fire. It is my portion given freely to you to believe again, to hope again, and to reach up and reach out to touch others’ lives in measures that have not previously seen.”

“This release will be the beginning of great things that I have prepared for my people. Cry out in the Holy place of prayer. Press in and don’t let up. Press in my people, don’t give in, because as the prayers are being released out of my house, between the porch and the altar, as they pour out they will touch and cover areas that could not be covered in any other way. As you pour out prayer you are holding back greater loss and greater devastation. Many troubling things are about to surface even more so towards the last six months of this year."

"There will be more terrorism even war plans will be attempted, but also there will arise a greater vigilance and a greater cry will come from my sanctuary."

"It will become intense as the intercessors and watchmen cry. For they will arise with great strength and unity, and the oil will increase. Prayer is like the oil and the oil is like prayer. As it pours forth and pours out, it will heal, cover, protect, and break yokes. It will pour out in a great measure. For even the wine and the bread as instruments of communion are symbols of my love and power. In this season they represent my covenant to you which holds precious promises that will never be forgotten, but fulfilled in the time to come.”

Psalm 45:7 (Aramaic Translation) “You have loved righteousness, you have hated evil, because of this, oh, God, your God has anointed with you the oil of a joy greater than that of your companions." 

His Words Now:

“For the vision to watch and pray is coming forth now in a greater measure and it will take on a louder voice that will not be silenced says the Lord. The power of prayer is being activated across the land and it shall increase. Much worse would have come upon this land if it had not been for prayer. The warfare against this nation has increased so continue to press into prayer. Praying with power and without ceasing."

"Prayer is the key in this hour. And it has been passed down from generations to generations. It will never lose its strength. Let the prayer pour out like the oil. Let it pour out in your homes, at the gates, in the secret place, in the glory, and in the worship. As the prayers come forth so will my oil and the flow of miracles will come. Salvation will increase, deliverance will come forth, and many souls will be won. Cry out for Holiness over this land for the time is at hand and there is an urgency now to do so. Where there is prayer there is no need for fear. So allow your faith to overflow out of the secret place."

Battle Over Oil Reserved in Us, but also in The Land of Promise:

Last week I was with a group of seasoned servants praying over the maps of various regions. I heard the Lord say pray concerning the trouble in the Middle East from those who oppose Israel. He mentioned how the issue and threats coming out against her had to do with oil reserves and even that which is deeply embedded in the land of the promise land.  In the early morning prayer I came back to the words of the Lord and understood it on this wise as well. There is a battle raging in the minds of many of his chosen and it is the ranglings of the enemy that is trying to instill fear and intimidation in order to undermind the power and ability that God has placed in His people. 

But know just as the enemies of Israel fight over the land of His chosen we must understand it is also happening in the spiritual realm over the minds of His chosen here and abroad. We must not be shaken but walk in the full authority that has been given unto us and not allow the psychological warfare and the enemies tactics to derail us. (Ephesians 1:20-22). We must go into the high places in the realm of prayer and hold our ground so that we may overcome every stronghold that would try to cause confusion and fear.  We must come into the agreement with His word and go up way above the snake line into the heavenly realms in prayer, praise, and worship unto Him. This is our position and it will enstill victory on every side. 

From now until Purim and from Purim going into the season of Passover we will see many reversals, key victories, during this time. It is one thing to have overcome the enemies tactics but to restore territory and to make the enemy give back ground, possesions, things that have been stolen, and recover it is a even greater victory. Faith and fervent prayer will be key to overcoming and seeing great reversals even with revival fires in the coming days ahead.  
Final Dream: 

I was given a type of box that carried oil. I was told that the oil represented a crushing yet an overcoming that had gained much as a result of prayer. The container was marked with the words "grateful" and I was told that it would hold a key inside it that would open special doors when our options will seemingly run out. I was told to keep it with me at all times. That was the end of the dream. 

Just a week or so ago I was given a beautiful clay jar by a precious intercessor friend in my church. She knew nothing of the dream nor what I was instructed in the dream. She told me I believe the jar is to hold your prayers and the Lord will answer those prayers. I nodded to her near tears remembering my dream. Then a couple of days she gave me a bottle of oil and said I feel like the prayers that you place in this jar should be anointed with oil. The oil was called latter rain.  (The Lord always confirms His word.)    

The oil of prayer in this hour will flow. Even flowing into the way we will deal with others carrying the very love of Christ that is being poured into others lives for His glory.  

Psalm 23:5 (NKJV) "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows."

Isaiah 10:27 (NKJV) "It shall come to pass in that day That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck, And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil." 

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