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The Army Of The Lord

By: Phyllis Ford

February 13, 2020

My mind has shifted more into a military focus. Although I have no real background in it I understand the importance for military methods and strategies in regards to the Kingdom of God. For example drills that many of those who are in the armed forces run consistently. They walk out their civilian lives, but the drills they run allow them to stay sharp so that they do not forget what they have been purposed to do. I am feeling that pull & tug in the spirit concerning prayer & intercession from a watchman’s perspective over the nations. But the emphasis is upon the call to pray, to cry out, to travail, to watch, to not be distracted, and not pulled away into meaningless disagreements about who is the greatest in the kingdom.

I believe we have turned a major corner into this new era. There is a stirring in the realm of the spirit. A time of preparation to carry out His specific set of plans for each of us individually and corporately. These plans are higher than ours and they are selfless at the core. Carrying a compassion for change that will impact real people in a real way dealing with real issues. There needs to be a leaning and a looking into future solutions of what is being revealed by the very heart of God. Real Prayer doesn’t always quickly remedy things like WE want them to. Nor does it always happen in the time WE want it to be resolved. But prayer helps us to properly process things according to the will of God.  

When serious situations present themselves we instinctively rise up to do what we have been prepared to do. Things can truly change when we utilize our fervor and passion as fuel in prayer blazing new trails. True intercession burns out our old personal grievances and prepares us to harvest and grow the most important fruit that we need to come forth now. It will feed those who are hungry and malnourished. So the more we press into the Lord God in His Fullness, His truths, and His ways. The more Christ is lifted up in the midst of the crisis. Fear is not how we operate. Faith in Him and what He has given us provides clear lenses so that we are able to see we are as much a part of Him as He is in Us. 

The increase must take place. He must increase in our lives and we must decrease. I emphasize again that as we live out our civilian lives we remain faithful building and maintaining healthy Kingdom relationships. (So that we might see the building and maintaining of unity in the body of Christ.) Running drills in deep prayer and intercession so that we are ready to move at a moments notice. We must continue to be diligent in our everyday tasks because they are a key part in shaping the dynamics of our life skills. Skills which must come from the understanding of walking out His wisdom, His strength, and His love in grace. So that when inevitable storms comes the God of heaven will rise up in US and we do great exploits.

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