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Word of the Lord for 2017

By: Phyllis Ford

January 1, 2017

When I began to seek, study, and stay before the Lord, He laid an entire set of views before me. I found myself looking through a prism that carries many sides and facets to it each one unique within itself. These are the things that the Lord began to show and share with me.


There is a great humbling coming across the land, and a cleansing fire will sweep across the earth. This fire will burn up that which is not like God. It is a consequence of mans misplaced faith in worldly systems that have only failed them before. The Lord said it is necessary to bring things to order and to move things progressively forward. He began to show me how we are in a time of re-ordering, justice, and at a tipping point that will trigger a chain of events throughout the year. He said if some destruction could be avoided know that it would be avoided. Even with that being said we would have to literally fight, overcome, and even escape some of the things that would come upon our nation and land in the near future.


There is about to be a great uncovering. The Lord said that there is going to be an unveiling and a peeling back of the layers of iniquity that has caused an undercurrent of trouble to come up on the radar of the saints. The backdoor dealings, ungodly alliances, along with the sealing and signing of agreements in secret are about to be dealt with openly. It is the spirit of uncleanness that has continued to be smoothed over and swept under the rug. We will not be able to just pray it away or ignore it, because it must be up-rooted in this hour. We will not only see how something occurred, but also why it happened. We will know the origin from whence it came. The bleating of sheep will be heard in the churches, in the government, and amongst the people. We will then see a true awakening come upon the people with a true cry of repentance.


There will be justice concerning court orders, and we will see an overturning of things that have continued far too long. The Lord is about re-order things. He is flipping the tables of the money-changers. (There is a deeper meaning to that than what we understand now.) We are about to see some reversals. (Total 360 degree turn around.) “There will be an overturning of decisions. I will put down my gavel in the hours to come. It will reflect a new order. You will see a tearing down of that which has been put in place by man. I will judge righteously in this hour not by man’s measurements, but by the standards of the kingdom of heaven. For I will overturn cases tried in the courts of men even tried by the intents of their hearts. To the point that as the enemy thinks he will be allowed to set things in order concerning that which is mine, it will be overturned. The highest court is about to rule.” We will begin to see a turning of hearts. Those whose hearts are turned towards me will be freed. Watch as systems fail miserably and with no resolve. The reversing of orders will bring people into a freedom. There will be those who will say, “How can this be?” or “By what courts can this be ordered?”. This will be called a great re-ordering of the day. Captives that have been held in bondage for so long will be freed. You will see a mighty shifting that has taken place in the heavens. You will see a mighty shift, and many things will happen quickly without notice. From the time we enter into 2017 things will happen as we walk through the door.


The Lord showed me that through the course of the events to come that there would be a cry in the land, a new birthing, and a travail that will manifest new life. A cry and a life that will bring forth greatness in His chosen. There will be a re-establishing of His priesthood and it will emerge with a deeper walk in Him. The process will be like the crushing of the olive that produces oil, a nectar, and even a fragrance. It will produce a substance superior in purity and quality containing the necessary properties to release an even greater measure of His glory.


“There are times that man has held onto to things that he should have let go of, and let go of things that he should have held onto. Hold to my grace so that you might understand a new measure of my strength that comes through repentance and carrying a selfless love having compassion and a hand extended. Come before me for the time is at hand. Yes, war is looming but a greater war is taking place. It is a battle for power to take that which is mine and use it according to what man has determined is most important. But if my people which are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land. The problem is instead of asking for answers everyone is submitting the questions with the answers already in-tow. The right questions are not being asked, and as a result the land is in upheaval and the earth is in travail. Watch January and February things will move rapidly and there will be shakings. There are those who will not be shaken. For they will not move from their positions spiritually. They are rooted and firmly planted who will pray and cry out between the porch and the altar. As I send forth my army of angels they will go into earth in large numbers administering according to my instructions. The time for the strange voices echoing in the regions with a false sound and strange fire will fall to the ground. My truth will begin to be awakened. It has never left but they have tried to silence it, just as they did in the days of Micaiah.”


“I will set in place Eliakim’s. Those who carry the heart and the spirit of the Father will carry the keys as the Shebna’s are removed from their place. The spirit of humility is going to shift the kingdom into deep repentance. You will see things begin to align with truth and lying systems will be removed. A strong hour of deliverance will come forth. Prayer and fasting will revive a remnant of people to rise up out of the ashes of the dead church and come forth as mighty warriors. They will be those who will see and hear and move towards the sound in the land. The sound of justice is about to be heard. This is the tipping of the scales of improper weights and balances being changed to re-order the land. For there is a cry in the land and it has been the cry of the righteous remnant who have said, “No matter what, we will pray!”.”


The bowls carrying those prayers are about to tip as well. Greater glory will come forth. It will emerge with a passion for the things of the Lord from a people whose hearts are open and willing.


There will be a raising up of leadership in this hour that will come forth in great integrity and they will see and make changes. They will take the resources of the day to feed the hungry spiritually and naturally. There will be provision for those who are displaced and they assist in crisis management. We will see the young and the old, those who have zeal coupled with those who have knowledge working side by side. Along with an entire army of intercessors who will be skilled to build. Along with those who will be able to do battle. Answering the call that is upon the land. So as we see an uncovering and judging of systems. We’ll see those of accountability who are aligned with purpose working as one.


Great persecution is going to come upon the kingdom work and people, in retaliation to the order God is setting in the earth. Scoffers and mockers will arise with anger to come against the Name of the Lord and biblical Jewish roots. There will be a dishonoring of scripture and an attempt to pollute things of God.


2017 will be the first year of a three-year cycle where the hand of God will move mightily upon the earth. At the beginning that which seems to be a painful process will bring forth great results. It will yield to a recovery while uprooting and subduing that which must give way in order for God’s glory to come into its fullness. One day we will see chaos and within the next day we will see resolve. This is just how fast things will move in this season.


**Note to Readers: We have just moved into the Dallas region from the Fort Worth area. I am in process of setting up my next calendar of events along with writing two books that I feel are very important right now. We are in need of supplies and proper equipment to carry forth this work in short order. We ask you to sow into this kingdom work. We are very appreciative of every seed that is planted. As soon as these resources are completed we want to make sure that are placed into your hands. We thank God for every prayer, word of encouragement, and gift given into this work of the Lord. We will continue to come into various regions training, preparing, imparting truth and leading by example in integrity and humility. We love you and will continue to encourage you to be what the Lord has called and commissioned you to be. Be blessed and no matter what, keep praying, keep fasting and keep running after His presence.**

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