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Understanding the Spirit Leviathan

Attitudes Connected to the Leviathan Spirit:

1.      Condescending attitudes toward others in the body.

2.      Independent   attitude.

3.      Self -Glory

4.      Self-Confidence

5.      Lack of time in His presence

6.      Critical and condemning attitudes and thoughts

7.      Boasting over achievements and revelation

8.      Dishonor of authority

9.      Desiring to be served

10.    Desire for reputation

11.    Desiring to control others

12.    Use of position of authority or gift to fulfill selfish ambition and vision

13.    Mocking or coming against Deliverance and/or Deliverance ministries



-->> By living in humility. "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he will lift you up."  James 4:10

·       Humble yourself daily

·       Be accountable to others

·       Be subject to wise counsel from mature leadership

·       Continue in prayer daily asking God to reveal your heart to you for assessment and correction.

·       Study and line up your life with the Word of God.


How Leviathan Attacks


1.  A Lying Tongue (lies, gossip, accusation, criticism, faultfinding, slander)

--> He wants people to believe lies about you, especially those who minister with you.

--> If he can’t get you in sin, he will accuse you or even make up a lie against you.



-->> By quoting Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you in judgment you shall condemn."  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.

Speak this verse out loud and act on it in prayer!

-->> Do not strike back or lash out –this is what Leviathan wants.

-->> Effectively counter attack by living in truth in every area of our lives.


2.  Miscommunication

--> It wants to get between you and the revelation of God and distort the word of the Lord.

--> It will seek to hide from you true revelation and confuse the true meanings of things.

--> It wants to get between your conversation and your hearing then distort or mutter what someone is really saying.

--> It wants to come between friends, ministry and even children and parents.



-->> By simply saying, “Leviathan I bind you in Jesus’ name.”


3.  Prophetic Word will be Attacked

--> It wants to twist God’s truth and rob us of our promise.



-->> By simply binding this spirit from your prophetic promises.


4.  Temptations of Pride

--> It promotes self and self-serving agendas.

--> It wants to set you up with a false confidence.

--> It wants to get your identity out of what you do rather than who you are.



-->> Watch out for a false confidence and keep a humble trust in the Lord.

-->> By giving all areas of pride or self-righteousness to the Lord and ask for the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in our lives and ministries.


5. Put Trust in Things Rather Than Intimacy with God

--> It wants to promote you ahead of the Lord’s leading and move you into a place, where you no longer totally depend on the Holy Spirit but on your own gifting, charisma, finances or denomination, traditions or programs.

--> It wants us to get to a place in our ministries where we can get the work done without being in the presence of God, in fervent prayer and repentance  and instead depend on the influences of men.

--> If we put our trust in the wrong things, this spirit will be our best cheerleader.



-->> All these things are vehicles to help us fulfill the blessing of God, but we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and remain broken daily before him. We must also walk in accountability to others who are co-laborers in Christ.


6. Deliverance Ministry Will Be Attacked

--> It wants you to believe that “Christians cannot be tormented or troubled by demons” and therefore there’s no need for deliverance.

--> Stops spiritual growth in people.  They cannot pray or read their Bible. They may go to sleep during services and mock or come against deliverance and/or deliverance ministries.



-->> According to Mark 16:17 the true deliverance of God is casting out demons. This was evident in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

-->> get rid of the demonic influences of Leviathan by “casting out in the name of Jesus.”  Spirits of infirmity must sometimes be cast out for healing to be released and some situations are “this kind.”    

Mark 9:29 KJV "And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting." [Matthew 17:21]

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