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Word of the Lord for Shevat 5777


By: Phyllis Ford

January 27, 2017

The month of Shevat is the eleventh month of the Hebrew calendar counting from the month of Nissan. It is a time that carries with it a lot of powerful symbolism in utterance, scripture, and pictographs that give us a clear look into the significance of this month.  As I was before the Lord, He began to unveil a recurring theme in this month that provides prophetic insight, a greater depth, and a simple revelation that will give us even greater understanding in what lies ahead. Shevat is associated with the Rod, the Staff, and even the Scepter, which are varying levels of power and of authority. There are distinguishing differences as to how they are to be used. When the wisdom of the Messiah is not implemented they can carry with it varying consequences.

Here are several Biblical References into this month that provide Keys:

  • Zechariah 1:1-7 Here the Prophet/Seer, enters an angelic visitation. 

What is initially revealed in the first chapter is later visited in scripture in the sixth chapter also aligning biblically with Revelation Chapter 6. We are being ushered into a time of deep seek and searching out the heart of God. To Find the key answers that will bring us understanding concerning Israel and the future events that will unfold.

Hidden deep in the wisdom of the heart of true intercessors will be a continuous cry before the presence of the Lord. The strength and saving grace that will be upon us surrounding the nations of government will be determined now. We will see bits and pieces now that will point to things that will occur in the month of June 2017. (Hebrew month of Sivan 5777). (I remember writing it down in my journal as it was spoken to me in prayer.) Prayer will be the vehicle by which we will navigate through these times.

  • Deuteronomy 1:3 Moses begins to write the book of Deuteronomy upon the first day of this month all the way into the next month of Adar to the 7th day. It has been declared by many prophetic voices that the words that are being written in this hour will speak even in times to come. I believe we are in a divine season of time with God where His words and His revelation will be poured out immensely in the prayer place. It is also a good time to seek Him for a deeper understanding of the scriptures.


  • Deuteronomy 20:19 The 15th of the day of Shevat was associated with a time of celebration of Trees, however the meaning behind it speaks of the significance in planting into the lives of future generations. This ties directly into the tribe of Asher, which is the tribe that is closely related to Shevat. Jacob’s word over Asher seems to run along the same lines Genesis 49:20 (NLT) “Asher shall dine upon rich foods, produce food fit for Kings.”. As we ingest the word of God and allow His watering process to cleanse us, renew us, and restore, we partake the Kingly anointing. As priest we wear the garments of the hour to move forward transformed by His Glory. We as well as our youth will receive watering to wash away from us the fleshly desires that have hindered us in times past. The Living Waters will strengthen our roots as we become the mature body of believers who will be able to water others.  


As we embark upon this month we witness several things coming together to present something very powerful. This sense of fruitfulness, planting, and producing combined with the governing instrument of the rod, the staff and the scepter all that flow out of the character of Our Risen Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. So as Sons we are being divinely set up into a new place in Him. As we humble ourselves before Him, we make adjustments in our temperaments and ways.  As we heed the call to serve in this hour we move forward to be the people who He will hand over the authority to do great exploits. This will avail us endless opportunities to change what can be changed and confront that which needs to be converted.

The Lord said during my consecration, that this is a time to come out of duality and doublemindedness. In God’s word we see Mary and Martha, Jacob and Essau, Isaac and Ismael and Vashti and Esther and many more. We can no longer believe one thing with our hearts while our words contradict what we believe. We can no longer serve two masters. We can no longer halt between two opinions. We must be the light standing in the midst of gray areas and even darkness. There is power in the understanding of one. It is in the unity of our relationship in Him and with Him and by Him that we may administer that which truly aligns to who He really is. It is to the point that we can be joined to Him that we will carry the ability to come together. In this time we will know and discern that which carries the Lord’s heart, character, and mind from that which is counterfeit. The power of Love can only be fully fulfilled in the foundation of who He is and not as man perceives it to be so. We must become one even as He is one with the Father. We will know and understand the difference between that which is truly Him and that which is not Him, as we progress throughout this year.       

 His Words:  Concerning Duality Darkness and Light

“Allow my light to guide you. Know I have given you power over all the power of the enemy. I have placed in you my principles for life which are clearly expressed in my word. And I have already placed in you a firm foundation of which I am the chief corner stone. Do not get disheartened nor be dismayed.

It is important that you are clear concerning what is about to occur. Know in your heart as the darkness rises to try to cloud over situations and circumstances, my light will continue to shine to guide and show you the way. I will answer that which you will need to understand at this time. You must not let the distractions of the day take over your heart and mind. Press into my presence.  

Fear will try to get you to react, but don’t let vain imaginations rise up. Don’t allow presumptuous ideas to get you to move in haste. Keep your mind clear, reading over my word, and praying in the Spirit. So, that I can speak to you and allow you to understand what is going on around you.

Study my word, read and learn from the words that were spoken to help you fight, defend, and protect that which is yours. I have placed before you many keys to assist you to victory in the days ahead.”

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