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The Sifting Proceeds The Shifting

By: Phyllis Ford

July 25,2018

When I was in early morning prayer while leaning into His presence I kept hearing the word sift. There are times that a word will take me on a journey to study God’s word and to pray into new insights. Picking up spiritual bread crumbs that will lead me into a greater understanding. Immediately I thought about when the Lord spoke words of wisdom to Peter as he revealed that Satan desired to sift him as wheat. Yet, the Lord prayed that his faith would not fail. (Luke 22:31) Simon Peter had no idea of the events that would unfold, but in time the process brought him into a closer walk with the Lord. So many times the sifting process in our lives challenge us to reconcile feelings of hurt, disappointments, and misunderstandings. The beautiful thing is that many times a sifting in our lives better prepares us for the shift that occurs as we abide in Him.

So many have been pressing into the presence of the Lord. This is not a time to be discouraged but to walk in a peace and expectancy as the Lord is shifting us into some very powerful life changes. It is so important not to see the sifting in a negative fashion. Instead of looking to it as a loss we should see the endless possibilities, major future breakthrough, and a higher level of spiritual maturity. So we press in with an understanding that our place before His presence is the best and safest place to be. A place where prayers, tears, conversations with the Lord, petitions, and repentance are being laid up. It is His heart that is forever touching us in ways only we can express in gratitude, praise, and honor unto Him.

Several things that we might experience during this Sifting:

•            There will be some sifting of people who have run their course in our lives that we will go forth to grow forth. Which will mark a shift that will increase our faith and prepare us for new relationships and assignments.  

•            The breath of Yahweh breaths truth upon us and changes us (sometimes without us knowing it’s full effect). We will awake with a fresh understanding to embark upon new ground that He has prepared for us.

•            Just as the earth shakes, our lives are being shaken in the sifter of the Lord, but that which will remain is of great value and is vital to the manifestation of greater works to come. We see it even in our country and communities and as a result we must fashion ourselves to pray, but it is our crying out in repentance that sifts us into a shift that amplifies our access to His Glory.

I will go as far to say who we are to be, while moving forward as we are now will undertake a major shifting and transformation. That which remains we must value and we must let go of that which is being removed. As a shift comes upon us it will reveal to us who we really are and it will be between us and our maker. We will see things in us that we have never have seen before, and we will position ourselves accordingly.

Adjustments, changes, and renovation with movement must take place now. We will look back within these next 60 days and say, “Wow, Look at God.”

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