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Spiritual Birthing: Faithful Mid-Wives Transitioning from Prevailing to Worship  

By: Phyllis Ford

August 16, 2015


As people of God we have been in a prophetic season of spiritual birthing. Even as spiritual mid-wives we have had to war and to win; to push (pray unto sudden harvest) in order to bring forth life in this hour. Whether it was new converts, our families, our friends and even those who were placed in our parental custody, we have had to bring forth and speak forth life. We have had to even call forth life out of dead situations while at the same time we prayed, fasted and sought the face of the Lord. We tarried, we brought forth, and in some cases we were not able to carry the new life into full term. Some of us even became discouraged, and abandoned our positions being distracted by what was perceived as better circumstances.


Thanks be to the Lord that the timings of God has yielded a people now ready to mature and move past the distractions to claim their inheritance. There is the reality that has settled into the heart of the believer that it takes time and effort to bring a God-breathed life into full term. All of the organs in the body must move out of the way just to provide space for that new life. Delivery can be become very trying, delicate and even serious to the ones involved in the process.


A long time ago I was pregnant while approaching the time of full term. it was discovered that the child that I was carrying was still- born, I had to go through the delivery only to give birth to a lifeless child that had once represented God’s promise to me. The Lord had a plan, because a few months later the Lord hid away a child that I didn’t know I was carrying until I was five months along the birthing process. The reality of God’s unfailing love for me never stopped working in fact it was hidden away for a time appointed. In this time we will see unexpected new life that will emerge as the Father manifests that which He has promised. It was delayed but not denied. The Lord provided a beautiful baby girl which he told me to name her Rachel Elisabeth.  


The Lord revealed that there has been significant birthing from 2012 until September 2015. Times and seasons are merging with the destiny and the manifestation of our lives coming into the place that God has ordained for us with nothing missing and nothing broken. He is our prince of Peace who has taken us on a journey from remorse to recovery and the Lord’s restoration is coming into its full term.


The birthing of things that we have travailed and prayed for are now being realized even in the face of our enemies in the earth. Like Herod, although his plans were to destroy the life of the sons of Israel, there are those who have been faithful mid-wives praying and fasting, and giving birth to the manifested sons of God. The Father has purposed to utilize this time now.   


As birthing is taking place, we must present before the Father that which is His so that it may be fully equipped for the approaching season. We have a short window of time for the perfecting to take place right before the Shemitah ends, as we embrace a new Head of the Year. ( Note: Sunday the 16th of  August, we entered into the 40 days of Teshuvah.)


Hannah is an excellent representative of one who brought forth life, although she was barren. Her life of dedication and submission to God’s will through intercession produced the new life that was so vitally needed in her time for her family as well as Israel. Samuel, which Hannah produced represented a new prophetic order of integrity and we will see it as the church is being refined. He was prepared to go to Eli’s house and it revealed and unveiled things that will speak to us now in this time as the Lord is setting and resetting his house in order. The Lord is establishing His righteousness in love to his people and even setting standards in the weightier matters as the days move closer to the end of 5775.   


What we birth is not ours to brag and dote on but to present to the Lord what is His so that He may be glorified. So Hannah was positioned in the place of birth for Samuel. It was in the mountainous regions where prophets of that day were birthed and brought forth.


Now let’s fast forward to Hannah as she has overcome her season of barrenness and rejoices in the time of her manifestation. We now transition from travail and a deep place of prevailing in prayer to soaking (worshipping in prayer and the presence of the Lord) to allow to him to remove the additional layers of unnecessary things as we become more and more sensitive to his ear. In this place, we receive new impartation and downloads from him. The warring moves into a flow of worship that releases GLORY.


We see Hannah begins to sing a new song, a sound of the prophetic voice and releasing his word in this season . . . . .a  Tehillah.


TEHILLAH - teh-hil-law- to sing, to laud. A spontaneous new song. Singing from a melody in your heart by adding words to it. This refers to a special kind of singing, as sounds from heaven-it is singing unprepared, unrehearsed songs. It releases healing and brings tremendous unity to the body of Christ. Prophetic songs that come up like a well-spring before the presence of the Lord.


Her song of praise unto her God produced a sound of   that carried a strong word of prophetic utterance and integrity in a time when men did not respect the ways of God. She foretold in her song there would be a rising up of a kingdom that will overcome the kingdom of rebellion and lawlessness.


The barren woman has now been transformed into a mother of seven-perfection in birthing is coming.


It will carry words of truth and righteousness and it will soar upon the Wings of the Lord carrying healing and deliverance. Great healing will come, clear direction will be heard and we will safely navigate through the waters of life and reach our destination in time and on time.  


This time August, September and October is before us.


August 15th --September 15th   During this time will see an uncovering of things that have been hidden. Some have been covered for our own protection. We will hear revelations, mysteries that are now coming into full view. This will be a time of visitations even amongst our youth and great discoveries will come forth.


Recompense will come to those who have been diligent and faithful. That which refuses to be in alignment with God and is rebellious to His plans and purposes will be met with great consequences. Things will be open and unveiled in plain sight.


New leadership in Government (Spiritual and Natural) will arise and out of the nations there will quick shifts in laws and those who will impose them. We will see the book of Revelations begin to unfold.  It will carry significant words and provide key instructions.


September 15th to October 15th In this time, there will arise a release and a readiness to defend that which belongs to the Kingdom. There will be a setting in order, that which is out of sync and refuses to come subject to the Lord, his will and his purposes. There will be a changing of the guard to ensure this process. Past opposition will give way to a people who are strong. They will rise up and take significant ground in the realm of the spirit.


There will be some things that set fear in the hearts of men concerning the failure and breaking down of the world systems. But those who hope is in the Lord will be fortified. They will not only hold ground but gain ground. This month will usher great change and great extremes both good and evil. We will be see a mighty Glory that will begin in August go into an entirely new level as this period ends.


Those who are on the Lord’s side will continue to unite with power and dominion. Those who are opposed to the Lord will remove themselves from the kingdom’s standards and unite with their own kind.  (There is a subtle deception that is present and appears to carry the anointing in this time but the doctrine does not line up with God’s word and an Apostolic Prophetic order will detect it and speak out against it. Watch mixture in this hour.)   


There is more, this is only a snippet of what is to come but we must have respect for the time that is coming upon us, that it does not catch us unaware.

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