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Word of the Lord for April 2014

By: Phyllis Ford

Released March 30, 2014


There are times when I am in a seek before the Lord and he will begin to put down what I call bread crumbs. As I carefully follow them I come into the fullness of the revelation that He is showing me. A couple of days ago, He said that we were entering into the season to “rear up the tabernacle.”


Immediately I thought about the significance of Passover as we are approaching the feast in the month of April. I found myself in the middle of a dream searching to find something that was valuable to me and others, and I had been assigned to go get it. In the midst of the journey I found out that I had gone beyond my course but it was in that place that I found an object of great value. I knew it was a “key bread crumb” telling me to keep going and that I will understand more as I continue to seek the Lord.


This morning in another dream a fresh bread crumb was found. A large group of people were looking into what appeared to be a time capsule. They started discussing what it is, where it was discovered, and why. The mystery of the time capsule appeared to be serious. But I felt future things would develop becoming more serious than the capsule itself. Although it required examination I was then urged to move beyond it so that I would not give way to distraction. I then inclined my ear to hear what God was saying concerning His people.  


The term “rear up the tabernacle” means “to prepare, to set up, or to build the tabernacle,” while they were in the wilderness. The preparation entails the fastening of the sockets, the setting up the boards and putting the bars and the pillars in place. All necessary items were to be set in order. By allowing distractions, we exclude the vital answers needed so that we might stand in times like these. What we are seeing now in the world is the birthing of things that have been going on long before this time as a result of plans conceived in secret. The question is now, “What is the Lord saying?” and “What does He want us to plan for our future?”


The last bread crumb rested on the revelation that the Lord is calling His people out. Not just to say it but to walk in the sincerity of His purpose concerning His word and His wisdom as represents of Christ in the earth. We can’t claim to be a kingdom of priest in this hour and not walk in the integrity of what it represents. We have been operating out of the understanding of worshipping the Lord through the eyes of seeing the tabernacle of Moses but the Lord begin to reveal to me that we must grow and transition beyond that into the rebuilding and reestablishing of that which is to come, which is the Tabernacle of David.           


His words: “I am calling you to consecrate yourselves, to seek me with all your heart, your soul and your mind. Because the resolve, the help that is needed now, the solution to the answers you seek, can only be found in my presence. There has been a lack of integrity that is now being restored amongst my people and I am holding them accountable to represent true intimacy and the abiding in me that will release deeper revelation that will dispel the deception and lies of men’s dogma, with it greater clarity will come. Much of what you see in the world carries confusion, chaos and fear. Without my presence many are trying to find peace and consolation. But my peace can be found in my word and in the realization of its meaning. The priority of seeking after things will continue yield to much frustration. But my peace will only be found in the place where my truth reigns in the mercy of my Love.”


“Make all necessary adjustments in order to gain access into where you need to be in me. There you will find strength and you will walk into realms that I have prepared for you to acquire at this time. Understand that even though the disciples had been with me and heard my teachings and received much revelation when they were in the boat with me and the wind and waves became strong and adverse that they did not have the faith needed to withstand the trouble. This is a time to be disciplined and allow me to build upon you what is required so that no matter what happens you will hold on in the face of adversity.”

“New paradigms and patterns are being developed for evangelism to deal with much of the perishing but it must begin with you carrying out my purposes and responding to the needs of others. You will only be able to bring others through what you have yourself overcome. The emphasis for laborers in the harvest field is much needed now and I am calling those who must stand accountable. I am looking for those who will lead in this endeavor, to assist others who will learn and come forth in great strength. The emphasis now is to walk in my love and lay down your life for the brethren, it is paramount. (1 John 3:16)”


“Many of you have asked how will your needs be met and how will to overcome the trouble that has seem to affect your circumstances. The keys to getting to the solutions are within your circumstances and will come out of your compassion to help direct others into the place where they will find me. Some of your solutions are contained in the assistance of others’ struggles. You are living in a time of great fulfilment, but you are a part of a whole, you are connected to others who are like-minded and like-spirited. Many have endured, others are waiting, and others have also paid a price. In the coming days you will walk through doors that have seem like walls to you in the past, others will follow, for I have ordained in you to be a testimony of my love.”


The Tabernacle of David:


 We are fully aware of the significance of the tabernacle of Moses that was built according to God’s specifications in Exodus. When the Lord speaks to us concerning the tabernacle of David what do we see in today’s understanding and what is the Lord saying to us. The tabernacle of David consists of a tent pitched in Jerusalem, the ark of the covenant was placed there from Obededom’s house. Ten years prior to this the tabernacle of Moses stood and the duties that were required in the place were performed daily, but was without the presence of the Lord because the ark was not there.


This principle speaks volumes. The form was there, the work was there, but the presence wasn’t there, yet it continued. It was only until David resolved in His heart and was determined to put the ark in its’ rightful place. (Psalm 132:1-5). Now the ark was in the tent and David lived there, his life was open and transparent with the Lord. He appointed priest to minister before the Lord continually. What was the Lord saying to us?? He is raising up David’s in the land and He is not looking for a form of worship of just going through the motions without true intimacy. We can worship the Lord but if we have locked him out of our everyday existence and invite him in only when we want to go into the place to be with him, (which is a ridiculous thought).  Are we in denial? Don’t we know that if we try to deny Him access to where we are and what we are doing that we are only fooling ourselves. We know that he sees all and knows all and we might as well be open and come clean before Him. How can we hide from Him? The reality is we need to hide in Him. If we do we will begin to deal with things differently. These are heart issues. How many of us stand in our churches but are devoid of His presence and we are just going through the motions.


Is the real ark laid out in a field where the Philistines took it? Is it at Obededom’s house? Have we involved ourselves in so many traditions until we have the framework of the tabernacle but the ark is far from us, and do we know when it left? The Lord said, Some people feel so empty right now but He is also saying that if we are, we must be determined to go back and get what we need the most in our lives. Because without His presence no matter what is declared and decreed over us, our lives will be weighed down by discouragement and frustration that will try to enter in and take away our joy. No presence, no joy. Those who understand and walk in this intimacy must lead others into the place where He is waiting with open arms.


David did not put the ark back into the old tabernacle but the ark dwelled with him. There was great intimacy between the Lord and David. It became a vital part of His life. (Ps 23:6, Ps 27:4). There was continual dialog between them. Songs to Him came out of the stillness of prayer, times of joy and even sadness, and repentance from the times that David whispered promises that he would never leave the Lord, even David asked Him to never take His Spirit from him. He abided with Him and the Lord’s presence filled that tent. The tent was not compartmentalized but everything was clearly before Him and he was visible to the Master’s eye. We must transition not in form but within our hearts.


There are Three Purposes to Consider:


  • Priestly dimension focused on the concept of Davidic worship (returning to our first love in both integrity and heartfelt transparency.) Spontaneous worship making our dwelling places a place for Him.


  • Prophetic dimension focused on the release of His utterances, His sound, His words and His revelation to us as a people. (Acts 2: 17-21.)


  • Kingly dimension focused on the Apostolic Ministry to set in order sound doctrine and the work of the Kingdom in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, which includes the World Evangelism, House of prayer for all nations, and Missions: from the dwelling place to the marketplace.   


May the people of God restore in their hearts the importance of prayer and worship in the intimacy of His presence until He comes and everything will flow out from that well-spring which is the Father’sHeart.


Favor & Doors:  


At this time the Lord will rest upon those who reverence and worship Him with favor. Doors will open and access will be granted to places that were not open before. Connecting & adjoining doors will open up in the marketplace to fund meaningful projects that will assist others to effectively advance in this hour. Kingdom relationships will collaborate with others to strengthen the work and manage the mission field with the funds necessary to implement them. Now is the time.    


When we come before Him as true worshippers we will see the greater fulfillment as spoken in Amos 9:11-15 (NASB).

“In that day I will raise up the fallen [a]booth of David, And wall up its breaches; I will also raise up its ruins And rebuild it as in the days of old; That they may possess the remnant of Edom And all the [b]nations who are called by My name,” Declares the Lord who does this.  “Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord, “When the plowman will overtake the reaper And the treader of grapes him who sows seed; When the mountains will drip sweet wine And all the hills will be dissolved.  “Also I will restore the [c]captivity of My people Israel, And they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them;  They will also plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. “I will also plant them on their land, And they will not again be rooted out from their land Which I have given them,” Says the Lord your God.”


Acts 15: 15-17 (NASB) “With this the words of the Prophets agree, just as it is written, ‘After these things I will return, And I will rebuild the [a]tabernacle of David which has fallen, And I will rebuild its ruins, And I will restore it, So that the rest of [b]mankind may seek the Lord, And all the Gentiles [c]who are called by My name,’”


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