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Word of the Lord for January 2014

By: Phyllis Ford

Released on December 30, 2014


“Your ability to move forward is a necessity now. Be ready to face major challenges by moving forward and not allowing yourself to be stifled.  There is a momentum set in place for you to come forth and accomplish much unfinished business. This is a time to carefully review and look over your priorities, and make key adjustments. Update and Reboot your plans for this New Year. The movement upon this hour will be fast-paced and some things if not taken care of early in the year could hinder you further along the way. Come in to receive instructions of my wisdom that will help you to get things done quickly in a short amount of time. Do not allow major distractions to cause fear and anxiety. Be firm about your decisions especially when it comes to making sure that your convictions align with to the standard that I have set in your life. Let your yea’s be yea and your no’s be no. Be clear and deliberate without compromise. Deal with situations where you are straddling the fence because things that you don’t address now could later impact you at a more serious time.”


“This time of prayer and fasting will enable you to operate more in the moment. It will be a time when after the prayer has been prayed in the place of my presence, I will be with you. As you go out, you will have answers and I will walk with you and talk with you and guide with my own hand. Your time that you spend in my presence will yield much fruit and bring a greater depth in our fellowship together. Your steps will be ordered. You will carry a peace that when times of trouble and turmoil are present, you will hear clearly and know exactly how to react and what to do. Don’t allow anyone or anything to disturb your calm reserve now. It will be a much needed virtue to have this entire year.”


"I am pouring upon my people the oil of my covenant that was established before time. You will begin to see it’s effect in the days to come. As I pour out the oil upon you, it will be evident that I will be with you to help you, direct you, and show you things as you cry out from your place in prayer. The oil symbolizes access into places that you have not previously entered into; along with the ability to come out of situations that you have not previously been able to come out from. It is the oil of favor and joy giving you the grace to come out of troubled areas into a place of breakthrough. Great change will begin to come forth. So many wondrous things will begin to happen. Know that I am moving upon this time for all to see so that a greater measure of My glory will come forward. Revival fires will burn.  You will feel the power of my love coming forth upon my people and joy will come in the midst of them.  A peace will be released that will bring a fire and a light upon my people. A peace that will flow like liquid fire. It is my portion given freely to you to believe again, to hope again, and to reach up and reach out to touch others’ lives in ways that have not been in this measure.”


“Listen clearly to my words and incline your ears to hear my sound as it vibrates throughout the land. It will carry a frequency of love, unity, and my heart for you. Don’t allow the sound waves of noisome pestilence, discord, and confusion to distract you now. There are clusters of sound waves that are penetrating the airways that will carry the sound within the atmosphere. There is an acceleration of change coming forth and is it blowing in the land for your good, says the Lord. So sing new songs before my presence and let the wind of my spirit take you into a higher place of peaceful abiding. It will be the place where you will go. It will be a sweet resting place in the light of my presence that will bring healing and new joy.”   


“This release will be the beginning of great things that I have prepared for my people. Cry out in the Holy place of prayer. Press in and don’t let up. Press in my people and don’t give in, because as the prayers are being released out of my house (between the porch and the altar) they will touch and cover areas that couldn’t be covered in any other way. These prayers will cover the course of the year and will set a watch in place throughout this hour. ”


Psalm 45: 7 (Aramaic Translation) "You have loved righteousness, you have hated evil, because of this, oh God, your God has anointed with you the oil of a joy greater than that of your companions." 


”For now, the vision to watch and pray is coming forth in a greater measure. It will take on a sound, and a voice that will not be silenced, says the Lord. The power of prayer is being activated across the land and it shall increase. Much trouble would have come upon this land if it had not been for prayer. The warfare against this nation has increased so continue to press in and pray. Pray with power and without ceasing. Prayer is the key in this hour, and it has been passed down from generation to generation. It will never lose its strength. Let the prayer pour like the oil. Let it pour out in your homes, at the gates, in the secret place, in the glory, and in the worship.  As the prayers come forth so will my oil and the flow of miracles will come. Salvation will increase, deliverance will come forth, and many souls will come into the kingdom.”


Psalm 105:8 "He has remembered His covenant forever the word that He has commanded to a thousand generations."


“Open up your spirit so that you may know what is about to unfold. Open up your heart so that you may receive my grace and my glory, and so that you may understand why this season is so important as you transition across troubled waters to solid ground. So rise up and take your place. I will lead you. I will surround you with a hedge of protection. As you follow me the favor that I will place upon you will guide you through. Know that I love you with a love that is everlasting. I desire that you walk in victory in ways never seen before. All that you have been searching for will be found right before my presence. This is a time to overcome and a time to conquer obstacles.  It is the hour to hear and not forebear. Know that you are being prepared to be a part of the greatest army in this hour. For the work of the Kingdom will come forth mightily. You have a part in this destiny, says the Lord. It will come to pass. It is my word and my promise to you in this season.”

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