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Word of the Lord December 2016

By: Phyllis Ford

November, 24 2016

The significance of the month of Kislev

As we enter into the season of Kislev, I believe the Lord wants to encourage us and even stretch us to cross over into deeper realms of faith. The Lord began to speak to me concerning several things.


Kislev is the 9th month and symbolizes a time of trust and security. It reflects a time to draw near to that which we trust and rely upon. So it is only natural to ask, “With whom and Where does our trust lie?”. We ask this so that as we stand as believers the principles upon which we will stand will have a meaningful effect. So the Lev in the word Kislev carries an emphasis of the “Heart.” The other word is security which balances upon the thought of obtaining favor from the place of your security. It has also been a time where conflicts were resolved or escalated based upon the base or the under-current that was present beneath situations that arose in that season.


Lev also means loving with a full heart. It is the rainy season in Israel, a type of cleansing even a time of travail and in birthing the realm of the spirit. The tribe of Benjamin is highly associated with this season. This month will bring to surface or give birth to that which is hidden in God, in man’s hearts, and in one’s convictions. Too much is being done and said with the absence of love, and the fruit of what’s really in the hearts of people will only continue to come to the surface.


The Lord said something to me which I feel spoke volumes. “If my people’s life is governed by my instructions, teachings, and commandments; then these attributes will yield more righteousness. Even more passion for me and with that the willingness to rise up and fight for the manifestation of my will in the earth.”


Prophetic Insights

I believe we must consider several things that are before us. Standing in this place in time we will be faced with opportunities and challenges. This will be a time where we can see a maximum yield spiritually that opens up greater opportunities, because of the price that was paid in the midst of overcoming difficulties further challenges us and changes us. It will even cause us to step out and stretch ourselves in ways that will define areas of growth and maturity in our lives. These opportunities as we face them can unveil great moments that could shape us and open doors that we have not previously seen.


Become First Responders to the Lord’s Clarion call. As an army of prayer warriors it will challenge us to cross over and step beyond what we are looking at and instead create new avenues and expand our areas of growth by doing great exploits. Not carrying a mindset of observation by sitting back to see what we will see or what we will be on a day to day basis. This cross over is an entry way to walking into a new level in faith by accepting the new challenges that can greatly affect our future from a local stand point. As we deal with the very things that will stand in our way, hinder our progress, and even try to sabotage our growth potential as well as kingdom expansion.


The reason we must take a good look at this, is because as we walk over into the January 1st we end upon the last day of Hanukkah. Walking through great light and revelation that will be unveiled to us so that we can see our situations from a different place as it is presented to us in 2017. As we stand at the door of 2017, the 17 stands for victory over adversity. I believe it will be the challenge to stand before obstacles and opposition in fervent prayer with strength and impetus that could catapult us in the face of conflicts and uncertainty.


We sometimes find ourselves not riding the next wave of what could potentially take us into becoming what we have been called to be. By finding ourselves laying back we are taking a pass to stepping beyond where we are to become who we have been called to be.  The Lord gave me this analogy of firemen in the station working on day to day activities. The firemen keep the efficiency of the place where they are checking and rechecking equipment without waiting until the fire. The diligence put in to what they do becomes what will continue to improve who they are and what they are capable to accomplishing.


Our First Response is the order of the day. The Lord showed me that we need the mindset not to question will there be a fire that day, but to be prepared for the fire and put it out quickly and efficiently. For us to be good, faithful, and efficient in what we do so that when conflict arises we have the skill, the proper tools, and a heart to do great exploits. So that we as people of prayer and principle knowing and understanding the word of truth can go forth and do our due diligence.


We must operate as the army of God in a responsible manner. As first responders to be able to answer the call to rise up and become part of the solution to the conflicts for this hour. Not as if we willed it or wanted it, but to respond to quell those things that will try to keep us from being people of God. The earth is in travail. The question is, "Will we rise to the call as the Body of Christ; through fervent prayer making a stand against the principalities within our nation?"


When fire arises as First Responders we go to save the house. The building and all that are in it and as many as we can or as many who will allows us to help. Why? Because that is our goal. To make sure that none perish. Saving as many as we can even those who started the fire knowing that God will see to their punishment in manners that change their lives instead of destroying it. We are the solution, but are we willing to move out of our place of spectating to be who we’ve been called to be?


We are the army of God. Prayer warriors with many battles before us to fight. Discern the type of fight I speak of, because these victories will be won in the place of prayer. The greatest battle we will fight will be on our knees. Praying not out of what we think or feel, but according to the will of God, the word of God, and the heart of God.


Being prepared means, we need to examine ourselves and take a serious look as to who we are. We must inspect and make the proper adjustments so that the Lord himself will strengthen and add more virtue to us. Yesterday I spoke to a friend who is a real first responder. He is a firemen and someone who loves the Lord with all His heart. We talked about the adjustments that were being made in natural, but more so in the spirit. He confirmed to me the diligence and dedication of what he lives and stands for, then in the midst of the conversation. I heard something that confirmed so strongly what the Lord had spoken. He made a reference to what His commander was saying. He said, “Make sure you have your cold weather bag!” Well, that did it for me I could hear the Lord say, “Will my people carry the right garments for the season?”. Will our robes of righteousness and truth be carried with us?  Will we take off the spirit of heaviness and put on the garments of praise as we attend to the work of the Lord? Will we wear integrity in the hour so that we may pass over into open doors and receive divine favor?”.


Our answer will be it was the Lord whose grace and mercy has given us the victory in Him. Our challenges will not end there, but if we rise up there will be things that we will be able to avert. Answer the call of the Lord. He is waiting for you to respond. Meet Him in the place of prayer and there He will equip you and take you to the place where you are now prepared.


Final Note:

On December 8th, 9th and 10th for a three day Prophetic Fire re-boot camp in the Riverside/San Bernadino area. There is a $30 one-time registration if you are interested in attending you must contact me personally in order to register. I have a team that will be with me in this powerful 3 day event. Prophet Wayland Henderson will accompany me. Any pastors or leaders of groups who are also interested in having me minister on the 11th of December in that area must also contact me directly. I am already praying and fasting around 2017. Special schools of ministry will be coming in the very near future (2017). The seriousness of the coming days is already here, and we need to pray more than we ever have.

Prayerfully consider sowing a seed into this work of the Lord if it has blessed you in any way. They enemy has been attacking us more and more making the work even harder, and yet we push stepping out on faith doing what we can with what we have as long as God in grace allows us. If God places it on your heart to sow don’t ignore it. For your obedience has come to the kingdom for such a time as this. We pray over our entire list of subscribers, and readers. We thank you so much for believing in us.

Love you always, Phyllis  

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