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Word of the Lord for 2014

By: Phyllis Ford

Released on December 29, 2013


There are times that the Lord will reveal to us the big picture and show us important puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces remind us of important things as we walk out our destiny with Him. He will even speak words of encouragement and wisdom to us. This coming year will have its’ share of concerns. It will be a time that far exceeds our expectations. We will see a divine awakening within both the year 2014 and 2015. We will see blueprints, strategies, patterns, and even “types and shadows,” released fresh out of God’s word.  They will become clearer and more easily understood than ever before. Some will say, “Wow that happened just as it did in God’s word.”. We will see and understand through revelations and mysteries His word revealed to us in profound ways. So that we may come to fully understand who He (Christ) is in us. As we get closer to the fullness of times more mysteries will be revealed with great understanding.  


For Example: We read and talk about the glory of God’s presence, but what we will see as it is revealed to us in 2014? We will see things in greater levels and realms than we have ever seen before. It will be like looking into a magnifying glass or into a telescope. Our hearts will be flooded with light and we will understand the hope of our calling. We will know the true richness of what we have inherited in Him. (Ephesians 1:18-21)( Luke 8:10)  

Ephesians 1:18 (Amplified Bible) By having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones).


Colossians 1: 26-27 (Amplified Bible) The mystery of which was hidden for ages and generations [[b]from angels and men], but is now revealed to His holy people (the saints), To whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of [realizing the] glory.


Ephesians 1:9-10 He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth, In Him.

The Gardening of the Lord and the Harvest to come.


In a deep prayer before the Lord, He showed me a garden. It was beautiful and I knew this was symbolic to what was going on right now and in the time to come. He said, “The seeds that were planted in us during September 2013 (the High Holy days) have been germinating. The harvest will be reaped all throughout 2014 and 2015.”. The first harvest will come forth in January and February. Many will say, “It is not the time for this to come forth now.”, but the Lord will respond, “Say no more four months then comes the harvest but lift up your eyes and look out into the fields for they are white already to harvest.”. (John 4:35) The harvest of Souls will come into kingdom throughout the year 2014. Revival winds will be blowing and revival fires will be burning. A new cleansing will come upon the people.


What was sown in tears will now be reaped in Joy. For the tears shed, test completed, trials endured and battles fought and won have taken root and will bear fruit. This will be a year of unusual times of harvest, unusual times of sowing and reaping, and even times when the reaper will overtake the sower. Much will be gathered in this time of harvest. We will see the manifestation of the promises of the Lord from souls to spiritual growth and from abundance in wells of resources to currents of means for God’s people.  A watering will take place.The plowing will take place throughout the year with bumper crops and then there will be times when we will just barely have enough to cover what is needed.


As we gather spiritually from the Lord we will be able to see where and how to gather where there is no fruit at all. Because the bearing (evidence) of the fruit will come forth through our knowing Him and what He represents in us and through us.


The Crops of dreams sowed into the good ground of the Lord will bear fruit and yield strong harvests. Those who are focused on helping the needs of others who are in famine spiritually and naturally so, will see great results. As the abundance comes in this hour, also comes the responsibility to give to those who are in great need. Cities of refuge and storehouses will be prepared in order to deal with trouble as it arises. We will see some catastrophic events that will occur during this year.


During Rosh Hashanah the seeds were planted and watered, but much of what was happening was not yet visible. This year we are in the beginning of seeing the sprigs come up from the ground. The process will be visible in the time it is needed the most. These are the spiritual seeds that were hidden in the ground of time, and are coming now with great strength. They were those who were being prepared and felt as if they were tried in the fiery furnace of affliction, and then sifted through a sieve (an instrument that only allows the finest of flour to come through). They were those who overcame the hardship of adversity. Being refined they will now rejoice in the coming of His glory. Many said, “I waited and waited but I didn’t see what I was waiting for and I cried within myself.”, but the Lord will say to His people, “These times of waiting, brought forth a rich spiritual harvest that was nurtured and matured through the process of fervent prayer and true fellowship with me.”.


That which is coming in this season is as a result of His mercy and His righteousness. He is watering us with words of grace and truth as we are being transformed and changed. He has covered us and is keeping us in ways we sometimes don’t realize. It has been His patience and long suffering that has preserved us. It is the integrity of His love of that is causing us to blossom.


It’s about the Kingdom, it’s about triumphing in the face of evil. It’s even about the strength of the Lord arising in the face of coming trouble. As I continued to pray the Lord showed me great shakings upon the earth, great tremors coming upon the land. I saw men who will rise up in anger from nations to incite war. I saw the same anger rising up in the Middle East, with assassinations plots and coups within that government. I wasn’t afraid, but I was disturbed and I heard the voice of the Lord with such a calmness and peace saying, “Do not be dismayed for in the very midst of this there will be an arising of my people who will align themselves with my word. They will awake out of slumber; they will rise up and declare my words as they walk in Holiness lifting up a standard in the land. They will not be afraid, nor will they will they fret but they will stay before my presence to hear my instructions concerning the move of my dominion upon land. My army will continue to grow and grow. It will not be hindered nor will it be destroyed. “.


For many will say, “I am the one who will heed the call of the Father. I will follow and obey his commands. I will not be afraid because I understand who He is in me.”. There will be a great boldness amongst the people and a great understanding was upon them as they united as one. They will cry out in this hour saying, “We are ready, willing, and prepared!”. These are the hearts of many that will pray towards the harvest. They will be overjoyed to see this unity in purpose coming forth. For in the glory you will see a tremendous outpouring. (As I prayed I saw the Glory raining like liquid fire falling upon the people.)


Isaiah 58:11 "And the LORD will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail. Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of the breach, The restorer of the streets in which to dwell.”


The Lord is Preparing a Table:


I saw a vision of the Lord’s table. It was like a wood table overlaid with fine gold. I heard the Lord say, “Remind the people I have prepared a table for them.”. Somehow I knew the table was symbolic of a place of provision for his people. It was also a place of learning as one who sits and hears from the Lord. It represented the table where the bread of the Lord is placed. The place where we can be trained and equipped for future seasons to come. This is the place where we can be elevated and anointed for His glory after completing the growth and maturation process. We must remain teachable and humble in this place. For the table also symbolizes the Lord’s altar. A place not for men’s feet in standing but, for men’s lives to be laid down as an offering acceptable for consumption by God. It is a tabernacle and a place of abiding.  Psalm 23 says that the Lord will prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies, that He will anoint our heads with oil, and that our cups will overflow. The oil of the Lord represents the essence of Him. It is the oil that carries purpose and knowledge of our destinies. 


The cup of the Lord represented our chosen walk to what we have been called. The Lord is saying to embrace what He has given us. Remember that while we are obedient to Him: His goodness and mercy will follow us, keeps us, cover us, and protects us. It is prepared and just like the Wedding Feast it is prepared and ready for all to come. It is not based on who we are but whose we are. I heard the scripture: Luke 14: 15 “Blessed is the man who eat at the feast of the Kingdom.”. There will be great opportunities to receive from the Lord what He has freely given us.    


Rising Above Adversity:


Attitude has everything to do with altitude. So if we allow our hearts to be darkened with ungratefulness carrying bouts of anger without resolve we will find it difficult to come out of those deep places of emptiness and isolation. When we rise above the adversity and make choices to rise up in prayer, in the word and with thanksgiving and praise we honor Our Lord with Hope; reaching out to receive His heart with humility and love. In this we will become more like Him. A transformation will be taking place, and we should yield to it. Our positioning is everything and has everything to do with knowing his ways. The reality is if we want a better sense of well-being in Him Spiritually we have to do better. Yes, the presence of God can touch our hearts and change us, but the question that we must answer is, “Are we ready to receive from the Lord?”, or “Are we closed off and alienated?”. There can be a room full of people, some may be ready to receive all that they can from the Lord and the others may be skeptical and unwilling. (What may seem like a door to many can be a wall to others.)  It’s well beyond time to embrace the things of God as they are freely given to us. We must rise up in faith and see that yielding ourselves to Him is also being willing to receive from Him. We must embrace the process. This is the reason faith begins with us trusting in Him.


You see, things are not based on what men see, nor what men consider to have value. The thing that is the most vital to us is how The Lord sees us. We are living in a time where as get closer to the end of days we will see intensifying levels of negativism. It will be evident that confusion and great discontentment is stirring in the worldly atmosphere. But at the same time we are about to see, and know the most powerful intensifying levels of glory that we have ever experienced in our lives. We will witness times when it will appear to be heaven upon Earth, the Heavens will be opened and the promises of God will be real and tangible in the face of some serious events. How we perceive and understand the Lord concerning what we are to do in the face of these end-times will directly affect how empowered the people of God will be.


Word of the Lord for January 2014:


“Your ability to move forward is a necessity now. Be ready to face major challenges by moving forward and not allowing yourself to be stifled.  There is a momentum set in place for you to come forth and accomplish much unfinished business. This is a time to carefully review and look over your priorities, and make key adjustments. Update and Reboot your plans for this New Year. The movement upon this hour will be fast-paced and some things if not taken care of early in the year could hinder you further along the way. Come in to receive instructions of my wisdom that will help you to get things done quickly in a short amount of time. Do not allow major distractions to cause fear and anxiety. Be firm about your decisions especially when it comes to making sure that your convictions align with to the standard that I have set in your life. Let your yea’s be yea and your no’s be no. Be clear and deliberate without compromise. Deal with situations where you are straddling the fence because things that you don’t address now could later impact you at a more serious time.”


This time of prayer and fasting will enable you to operate more in the moment. It will be a time when after the prayer has been prayed the place of my presence will be with you. In the time spent before my presence you will come out of the prayer place with many answers. I will walk with you, talk to you, and guide you with my own hand. Your steps will be ordered. You will carry a peace that when times of trouble and turmoil are present. You will hear clearly and know exactly how to react and what to do. Don’t allow anyone or anything disturb your calm reserve no. It will be a much needed virtue to have this entire year. 


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