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Before You Blaze Trails

By: Phyllis Ford

January 8,2019

Are we asking the hard questions before we blaze new trails?

Yes, we want to step out in new areas of our lives and make changes that have been given to us through the promptings of the Lord. Many have had dreams,  visions, and even had new goals based on where they want to go. Granted there will be great challenges that will become opportunities for us. We can always wonder what life would be like if we didn’t motivate ourselves, establish guidelines, and move forward to those new standards that we would like to accomplish.

As I begin to turn to the Lord He spoke some things that I feel was very important. As we entered into the new year with great zeal there is also a need for a tempering of that zeal with the Lord’s wisdom. He shared the analogy of Jacob and Laban. I viewed it from the stand point of when we come out of this time that the wisdom of the day has to do with asking some hard questions; to ourselves and mostly to the Lord.

This is a wonderful time to inquire of the Lord and seek him with a repentant heart. Being quick to restore and make amends for things we have not done and even neglected. Then wait, wait, and wait. Hearing, even testing, what we have heard by the Lord’s utterances with the word of God. Not just a word here and a word there that we can fit into the mix of what we want to do without doing first things first. The way we exit a thing has so much to do with how we enter a thing.

Understanding timing is also paramount no matter what the big picture might be; and can yield peace and not frustration, when we do the Lord’s way. What we do, how we do it and when we do it all matters. Cliché’s sound good but it won’t get us to the next place.

Jacob gathered up his wives and left Laban’s House. . .His time of labor there was done. So he gathered what was his and departed. Interesting everyone had their own perspective about leaving. (Rachael, Leah and Jacob. . .even Laban.) What they did caused necessary confrontation because Jacob’s decision had an effect upon them all. Was Jacob right about the fact that he should leave? Was it confirmed by God for him to go? Maybe the most important question was, did he exit the right way?

Well we could discuss this particular discourse all day. What Jacob did, set in motion things that had to be addressed later. Laban was told on the 3rd day that Jacob had left. Laban set out to confront Jacob concerning his departure and 7 days later he met up with Jacob on the 10th day (order had to be set). There can be ramifications that can have a ripple effect one way or another. Jacob left so abruptly that the way he left carried with it…its own consequences. Even after we have done all right things there might not be resolve.

We can get greater clarity seeing through the Father's eyes which reveals the big picture. Self-focus without insight from the Lord's viewpoint, along with the opinions of others, can keep us more boxed in even after we are released from circumstances.

So, the fact of the matter is do we drop everything in 2018 in pursuit of 2019 without the wisdom on how to proceed? See God gave us a release to move forward, but did we do it the right way? We can’t be so eager for the new that we just drop or mismanage the old. The way some of us left 2018 set somethings in motion. Some of us will be have our 2019 interrupted by the unresolved issues of 2018.

Turning to the Lord before His presence is essential. Asking the hard questions is an good place to begin. Questions like: "What is the most important thing I should do right now? How do I make the best of what is going on with me that will please you, Lord? Lord what do you see in me? What is the best way I can walk in your redemptive purpose now? When we are responsible for family members and ministries the questions increase to include these matters. Forgiveness, release, while looking to him with great expectations can steer us further and help us see clearer. Many times, the things we are looking at are not the things on God's mind for us.

My heart right now as I pray over the subscriber’s list. I have heard some great things from the Lord, and I am excited about some things approaching. And most of all grateful for the many hurdles we overcame. After we have been before the Lord we are ready to start blazing new trails.

I believe what stands before us are waves of awakening, and a greater understanding of God’s word, which will lead us into good sound realization. With hearts that beat like Him we will experience a great humbling that will lead to a greater escalation from here. May we stay the course and may the Lord Bless you & keep you!

In the month of January, we ask that you sow a seed that we may share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in this season. We endeavor to touch the lives of many whose heart is in need of restoration.

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